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     Buslink Oy is an expert and service center providing foreign trade services in Northern Europe, the Baltics, Russia and the CIS. Our main task is to assist manufacturers and buyers in metal industy to establish permenent business contacts. We act as an consultant and sales agent for standarzided products and customer designed subcontracting.

    We help manufacturers by searching customers and distributor channels. In Eastern Europe that means, in many cases, the start-up of export activities.

    At the contract stage we can assist the business partners in organizing deliveries from the manufacturer directly to the customer´s depot. We possess sophisticated delivery and quality systems.

    Steel Works

Buslink´s Eastern European steel works partner is a modern enterprise of ferrous metallurgy. The plant produces fine and large structural and rolled products, concast billet as well as steel cord and different kinds of wire. The compny is export oriented and has got distinctive western customer references. It has been granted international certificates and diplomas. The production plant was provided as turn-key by a consortium of western companies.

The steel company has capacity to produce more than 1.3 million tons of rolled products, 50 thousand tons of steel cord, 13 thousand tons of bead wire, more than 25 thousand tons brass coated hose reinforcement steel wire and 35 thousand tons of general purpose steel wire per year.

The companys steel-making production is represented by a scrap-yard and by two steel-making plants. The rolling production is represented by a plant having a two-high reversing roll mill "850", a fine-section continuous rolling mill "320" and a wire rod mill "150". For steel cord and steel wire production the company has two separate units.

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Metal casting

Buslink´s other Eastern European manufacturing partners are a metal foundries. The foundries produce iron castings for city construction, as street lamps, street pointers, refuse bins, transport stop pavillions, park pavillions and benches, round and square rain gullies, manhole frames and covers, plus a variety of products for private yards and gardens as well.

The foundries have excellent production technologies and profiles with capacities and knowhow for manufacturing of industrial components. Our subcontracting services include all requested projects with customer design.

For inquiries, please contact Buslink.

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