SATO is one of Finland’s leading corporate investors in housing. SATO owns a total of some 23,000 rentable homes in Finland’s largest centers of urban growth and in St. Petersburg. Its investment assets have a fair value of roughly EUR 1.9 billion.

SATO has set the goal of being the most efficient and progressive player in the market, which facilitates the constant improvement of customer services as well as generating added value for its shareholders. This requires the constant re-evaluation of operating methods as well as the ability to regenerate.

SATO’s value creation is based on the trend in value of the investment properties and on rental business. Continuing demand for housing fosters the stability of SATO’s business. Homes will always be needed.

The value of SATO’s annual new investments in the 21st century has averaged EUR 115 million, and its divestment of housing has averaged roughly EUR 30 million. The increase in the difference in values of the investment properties during the year under review was EUR 122.3 million. SATO’s biggest shareholders are Finnish pension insurers and other insurance companies. The Group’s turnover in 2011 was EUR 232.0 million and profit before taxes was EUR 52.1 million. Operating profit was EUR 86.8 million.

SATO Corporation
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197022, St.Petersburg
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Lease Manager: Sergey Churganov