Papula-Nevinpat is a reliable expert and value-for-money partner to handle your or your client’s industrial property rights issues all over the world.

Papula-Nevinpat has a total of nine offices in

Kazakhstan and

We are authorised representatives before European Patent Office (EPO), OHIM and Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO).

Papula-Nevinpat is known and regarded as a specialist in the field of immaterial rights in Russia and in other the states of the former Soviet Union throughout the world. Papula started its business in Russia officially when Nevinpat was founded in Leningrad in 1990. Both Russia as well as the states of the former Soviet Union have undergone constant changes, and through all the years of change Papula-Nevinpat has been there, following the development of industrial property rights.

Papula-Nevinpat is a founder member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Association in Finland and actively works in the association for opposing piracy, i.e. product counterfeits.

Our services include, among others:

Applications for industrial property rights:
patents, trademarks, registered designs, utility models, integrated circuits, supplementary protection certificates, patent term extensions.Consultation and guidance: e.g. in problem situations (infringements, pirates etc.), in drawing up strategies for industrial property rights especially in Russia and Eurasia.

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Contacts through Papula-Nevinpat head office, Helsinki:
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Managing Director
Mr. Markku Simmelvuo, M. Sc., European Patent Attorney