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We offer you our experience to assist in developing your business operations and account management in the Russian market. We have worked in the field of training and consultation since the year 1985. We have offices in both Lahti (Finland) and St. Petersburg.

Our customers include exporting companies established in Russia and also companies planning or starting their business there. During the last three years MarkInvest, together with its customers, has completed over 300 market research studies. Over 150 business trips have been made. We have handled over 120 certifications and registrations of domains and trademarks. To date, the total number of exporting companies served by us is about over 350.

Our local service lines in St. Petersburg and Russia

New serviceline
Agent services for companies and products

Start-up assistance
Tailored business excursion trips
Market research
Founding arrangements for a local subsidiary
Background checking of potential dealers and other business partners

Authorities contacts
Trademark registration
Trademark protection
Hygiene, quality and fire-safety certification of products
Work permits

Internet communications services
Domain registration
Russification of websites: design and maintenance
Internet marketing planning

Our partners in Russia
International agency "Credit Reforma"
Administration of St-Petersburg
St-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
Certification organizations: • TEST - St.-Petersburg - Center of Testing and Certification
SEVZAPSTROYSERTIFIKATSIYA, North-West Department of Construction Products Certification
Construction Quality Center
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Authority of Fire Protection
State Sanitary-Epidemiological Control Center in St.-Petersburg
Administration of Nizny Novgorod
Chamber of Commerce of Nizny Novgorod
Union of manufacturers and businessman of Nizny Novgorod

We can assist foreign companies in St. Petersburg, other parts of North-West Russia, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Belorussia and Ukraine. Our affiliate network helps us to operate even regionally wider, if needed.

Contact information:
MarkInvest Oy
Karjalankatu 35 A, 15150 Lahti
Phone (03) 752 1810 • Fax (03) 751 4785
Pekka Peltonen
mob. +358 40 9000322
ZAO MarkInvest SPb
Liteyny pr. 30, 191015 Russia, St. Petersburg
Contact: Andrey Uvarov
mob. +358 40 9000320
+ 7 921 9201367