GOST R Certificate and GOST R Certification

Trade of Russia, export to Russia and sale in Russia presume GOST R certificate.

MarkInvest Oy GOST R Certification is specialist of
GOST R certificate in Finland and in Russia.

Co-operation with Gost accredited certificate institutes and GOST R accredited test laboratories has continued over 15 years.

Educated specialists are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Murmansk.

The comprehensive network of GOST R certificate specialists is an advantage for our clients (”Export Company to Russia”), because it will get a possibility to choice Optimum alternative* for GOST R certification, other certificates and conclusions.

MarkInvest Oy GOST R Certification; into chip belong all accredit requiring GOST R certificates and conclusion, Certificate of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, Hygienic Conclusion, Certificate of Conformity for construction materials and products,, Fire Safety Certificate, Permit of Rostekhnadzor, Technical Passport, Ex Proof Certificate, Certificate of Sea Registers and Exemption Letter.

More details about certification:, www.gost.fi / www.gost.ru

Contact us, Markinvest Oy GOST R Certification serve by expertise and reliability, and ensure your products access to Russia and sale in Russia

*Optimum alternative: accredit, Certification institute, test laboratory, location, experience, easiness of operation, references, sale...

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