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Information Service of the Arctic Centre will coordinate Barents Information Service project with partners from Sweden, Norway and Russia. The goal of the project is to create an easy to use portal for information on the Barents region.

The end product will be a general portal site for Barents information and a comprehensive directory of other Barents web sites. Information will be categorized thematically and geographically with a map interface. The portal will become a valuable resource for anyone interested in the Barents, from region's policy-makers to students, researchers and tourists.

The content of the portal will include for example information on experts and expert organizations, news service, event calendar, cultural portal, project database, maps and links to map sources, common information about Barents Region, statistics and links to other Barents sites reviewed for content.

A survey among the main information providers and users will be done in order to find out the main needs for information and commit providers to produce data into the portal.

The project is funded by the European Union Kolarctic Interreg program and funding is for the time 1.1. 2003 - 30.9. 2004.

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