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Financial management

Accountor Konsu could contribute to the success of your business by the outsourcing of administrative tasks like financial and accounting services. The handling and costs of these administration jobs, especially in Russia, should not be underestimated. Besides the handling and costs, the change of legal requirements in the Russian Federation and Ukraine are just as fast as in the Western world, so that bookkeeping and fiscal processes must be adapted constantly.


You shouldn’t take the accounting only as an obligation for your company– together with Accountor Konsu accounting can be a very useful tool for making management decisions. With Accountor Konsu’s outsourced services you get the possibility to simplify the working processes and get the access to priceless experience of our professionals, who are deeply versed not only in local but in international standards.

We provide you a variation of services from payroll calculations to the full set of special analytical financial reports for company management.

Accounting according to the legislation
Chief accountant services, including: coordination and control of accounting, drawing up of quarterly financial statements and tax declarations
Consultations on accounting and reporting issues
Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets to international standards
Accounting policy
Interaction with Tax authorities
Participation in audit and tax inspections


Accountor Konsu’s payroll and HR services decrease operative costs compared to in-house salary calculation processes and HR documentation. We also provide update and development of payroll processing software, to which authorized persons of client can get an access.

Calculation of salary and taxes, including:o Calculation of salary advance, personal income tax, social insurance contributions of employer to the State Social Funds

o Calculation of salary advance, personal income tax, social insurance contributions of employer to the State Social Funds
o Calculation of leave allowance, allowance for temporary disability and other compensations to employees according to the legislation, regulations on compensation and employment agreement
o Providing to employees pay slips containing the information about charges, deductions and payments
o Providing of 2-NDFL-sheets and other information about payroll accounting

Bank transfer of salary payment to employees bank accounts
Participation in tax inspections regarding the inspection of payroll taxes, including cameral tax audit and verifications with Federal Tax Service Inspection and Social Funds
Annual statutory reporting about income paid and income tax deducted per employee (2-NDFL form)
Services regarding the annual personal income tax reporting of employees
Tax and legal advisory related to the labor relations

HR services

Undeniable advantage of Accountor Konsu in HR services is the full automation of processes. The payroll is fully integrated into HR services. The modern software allows to create archives and to create analytical reports regarding wages and personnel, what is an essential device for process management.

HR documentation management
Employment agreements
Compensation and bonus policy
Employment position instruction
Personnel orders:
- employment /dismissal orders
- orders regarding transfer of employee
- bonus orders
Documents regulating procedure for granting leaves (orders and schedule)
Schedule of positions and salaries (organization chart)
Filling of workbooks, personnel cards and the book where transfer of workbooks is registered

Tax consultation

With careful tax planning you can save a lot of money and maximize the profits of your company. When business is organized through a subsidiary in Russia the taxes are paid to Russian authorities. Thus the amount of deprecation expenses for accounting plays very important role. Accountor Konsu provides several professionals on the field of taxation to your service.

Consultation on taxation and tax inspections
Tax reporting according to the legislation:

o Corporate tax reporting: profit tax, social security contributions, VAT, property tax and other taxes
o Personal tax reporting and returns

Seminars and trainings: tax legislation and changes in legislation
Business start - up services
Tax due diligence
Tax planning and advisory
Tax litigation
International taxation & Transfer pricing

Konsu Accountor Group is the leading and the fastest growing service center for Russian and Ukrainian trade operating in Finland, Russia and Ukraine. The experts of Konsu serve clients with Western style and management methods. The quality of the service is guaranteed by 20 years experience in Russia and the expert organization of 170 employees. The certified quality system ISO 9001:2008 in the group assures the high quality and the implementation of the customer-oriented operation model.

The respect for the client, timely operations, client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and the correctness of the information are our quality goals that enables us to produce the services that meet the needs of our clients as well as add value to the operations of our clients. Thus, we secure that the requirements set by our clients are fulfilled and targets are reached.

Business start - up services
Legal services
Financial management services
People search
Tax planning

Konsu is part of the international ACCOUNTOR GROUP, which employs approximately 2300 persons in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Russia.


Konsu Accountor Group:
Accountor Konsu Oy – Lappeenranta, Helsinki
ZAO Accountor Konsu SP – St. Petersburg
ZAO Accountor Konsu M – Moscow
Accountor Kyiv LLC – Kyiv, Ukraine

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