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April the 19th, 2013

Rautakesko opens Moscow’s third K-rauta store

Rautakesko opened Russia’s 15th K-rauta, the third in Moscow, today. The new K-rauta is located in the Mytishi region in north-eastern Moscow. The store was opened by Rautakesko’s President Terho Kalliokoski.

K-rauta Mytishi is located in north-eastern Moscow on a busy main road, adjacent to a rapidly growing suburb and a shopping centre. The location is ideal also with regard to the bypass carrying high volumes of traffic to and from summer and holiday homes.

K-rauta Mytishi is the first K-rauta store in Russia to include a fenced area for an outdoor garden store from the start. The ‘yard and garden’ is now a growing trend also in Russia, with an aesthetics driven interest in ornamental plants, such as shrubs, flowers, water features and rocks, emerging to complement the strong tradition of useful plant cultivation.

K-rauta Mytishi’s total area is around 8,000 square metres and the outdoor store has an area of around 3,500 square metres. A staff of nearly 150 building and home improvement trade professionals is in charge of customer service. K-rauta Mytishi is the third K-rauta in Moscow. The first, K-rauta Varshavskoe, opened in December 2011 and K-rauta Leningradskoe in March 2012.

In addition to the three department stores in Moscow, Rautakesko currently has 9 K-rauta stores in St. Petersburg and one in Jaroslavl, Kaluga and Tula. By 2017, the objective is to achieve net sales of €800 million in Russia. The capital expenditure will be around €300 million.

The K-plus loyalty card was launched in Russia in connection with the opening of the first (K-food) store in St. Petersburg in December 2012. The new card provides customers with benefits also from K-rauta and Intersport stores in Russia.

Pavel Lokshin was appointed Managing Director of Rautakesko’s Russian operations on 16 April. Previously, for 12 years in Russia and from 2011 in China, he held managerial positions at the Metro Cash & Carry retail chain, which operates in 29 countries.

About Rautakesko:

Rautakesko is engaged in the building and home improvement, interior decoration and agricultural trade through the K-rauta, Rautia, Byggmakker, Senukai, OMA and K-maatalous retail chains. Rautakesko manages its chains, combines their purchasing power, arranges efficient logistics, acquires store sites and guarantees strong marketing and development support for the stores. Rautakesko operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, and Belarus.

For further information:
President Terho Kalliokoski, Rautakesko, tel. +358 1053 20200

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