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Drecember the 21st, 2012

KOFF licensed to Russia by Baltika brewery

KOFF beer by Sinebrychoff is now on sale in shops in St. Petersburg and Moscow. KOFF is the only Finnish beer that is brewed with a license in Russia. The beer is brewed in St. Petersburg in Baltika Brewery, which is part of the Carlsberg Group as Sinebrychoff. Baltika is the biggest brewery in Europe.  Finnish products are of interest to the quality-seeking Russian consumers, so also beer has a good chance to succeed.

 KOFF was launched on 6th December, Finland’s Independence Day. Initially there are only 0.5 l cans in the market but in February shops will receive also 0,44 l glass bottles. The brown bottles are designed for KOFF. In the Russian market glass is more important than cans in the beer business, unlike Finland. The 0.44 l bottle is bigger than its original Finnish 0.33 l bottle, but in Russia the bottles are generally bigger.

“The demand for Sinebrychoff products in Russia has grown steadily from the 90’s. Our goal is to create a business of millions of liters for KOFF in Russia. KOFF is sold in St. Petersburg and Moscow, that is an market of 15 million people. We are very proud at Sinebrychoff of having the beer of the oldest brewery in Scandinavia on such a large market. We were also able to create the project very quickly, in four months from an idea to the consumer,” says Jukka Leskinen, Export Director of Sinebrychoff.

The KOFF brand stays similar to the original Finnish brand, even including the Finnish texts. Naturally the Russian KOFF has the ingredients and other legally required information in the package in Russian.

”KOFF is already well known in St. Petersburg area because of our export. Finnish products have a good reputation here, whether you are talking about kitchen utensils, fashion or food stuff. KOFF brand is a combination of modern Finland and the heritage of Russian-born Nikolai Sinebrychoff,” says Marketing Manager Igor Moschuk from Baltika.

Head Brewer of Sinebrychoff Tapio Kangas-Heiska has supervised the 4,5 % KOFF brewing process and approved the ready product. Previously Sinebrychoff has licensed its Nikolai beer to Russia for some years.

 New license replaces the 5,2 % Export KOFF in the Russian market. Other Sinebrychoff products in Russia include Battery Energy Drink, Karhu beer, Golden Cap cider and Sinebrychoff Long Drink. After the shops and supermarkets, KOFF is planned to be introduced also in restaurants.

About Sinebrychoff:
193-year old Sinebrychoff, the leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks in Finland, also offers a comprehensive selection of international beers as well as a wide range of other alcoholic beverages through its partners. The company’s net sales in 2011 totalled EUR 375 million. Sinebrychoff began its brewing operation in 1819 and is today the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and the oldest foodstuff producer in Finland. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

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