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September the 7th, 2012

Hellewig, Klein & Usov joins the international legal knowledge portal

Hellevig, Klein & Usov has in collaboration with the Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) launched an international, English languge, legal knowledge portal

The aim of the website is to inform companies of legal developments in countries in which they do business. “What new law affects the import of goods?”, “Which ruling prohibits a firm from owning property in a country?”, “What current debate in the local media might have an impact on a firm’s business in the near future?”

The articles can be found on the site clustered by country of origin as well as by legal expertise. The last 12 uploaded articles will be published on the home page; other articles can be found through the search function on the page. Each article is linked directly to the author and the author’s firm, enabling readers to contact the author directly for more information.

Via this website, 29 European law firms connected to TELFA will share their knowledge by writing and publishing legal articles. Hellevig, Klein & Usov is responsible for the editorial contribution from Russia.

By linking this new European knowledge portal to the website of USLAW’s initiative USLAW Connect, articles from 60 US law firms published on USLAW Connect will also be published on and vice versa.

The Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) is an international alliance of independent law firms established in 1989. The member firms comprise more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe.

For further information:
Alexander Mikhailov – marketing assistant at Hellevig, Klein & Usov
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