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March the 6th, 2012

Valmet Automotive, Marussia Motors start cooperation

Valmet Automotive, a leading service provider of the automotive industry and Russia's first high-performance car company Marussia Motors have signed an agreement on strategic partnership in the engineering and manufacturing of the B2 vehicle. Valmet Automotive will start manufacturing the Marussia B2 sports car in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

Valmet Automotive will be a strategic partner to Marussia Motors and will provide the project management and a wide range of engineering and manufacturing services to bring the sports car into the production. The manufacturing of the B2 vehicle will take place at the Valmet Automotive Uusikaupunki plant.

The cooperation commences through product development. During this year Valmet Automotive and Marussia Motors engineers will be working on technical documentation alignment, product engineering and development of final process for Marussia B2 assembly in Finland. During the engineering phase the Marussia B2 project will employ Valmet Automotive engineering professionals.

The start of production depends on progress of the cooperation. We plan this phase in the end of 2012 or during 2013. The annual production volume target is several hundred cars. A dedicated assembly line will be set up for the Marussia B2 production at the Uusikaupunki plant.

The Marussia B2 sports car presents the cutting-edge of automotive technology, applying the expertise acquired in Formula 1. Dramatically sharp outlines, radical proportions, light chassis structure and powerful engine make the B2 conspicuous among any other cars.

"We are most pleased with the Marussia agreement. The Marussia B2 sports car is a perfect fit to the Valmet Automotive strategy and company image because we specialize in premium car engineering and manufacturing", says Ilpo Korhonen, President, Valmet Automotive.

"We believe in the success of the Marussia B2. We chose Valmet Automotive as our engineering and manufacturing partner because of their experience and competencies. They are also geographically close to us and provide excellent logistical contacts to our main markets", says Nikolay Fomenko, President, Marussia Motors.

About Valmet Automotive:
Valmet Automotive is an experienced provider of automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, convertible roof systems and related business services. Our special areas of expertise are premium cars, convertibles and electric vehicles. We employ 1,700 professionals in Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, China and the USA.

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