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February the 17th, 2012

Renewa delivers a 20 MW bioenergy boiler plant to Latvia

Rigas Siltums produces, sells and distributes thermal energy and is responsible for maintaining the district heating network of the City of Riga. Axis Industries is a Lithuanian power plant constructor and Renewa’s partner in the Baltic countries.

Renewa Oy will deliver the boiler plant and related auxiliary equipment, including the feeding system, combustion air and flue gas blowers, bottom ash equipment and field instruments. The company will also be responsible for the supervision and commissioning of the construction of the boiler plant. Axis Industries will be in charge of the district heating power plant’s fuel storage and fuel conveyors, flue gas cleaning equipment, stack, pipework, thermal insulation, installation work, district heat water pumping as well as control system and electrification of boiler and all boiler plant.

Renewa has already started designing the boiler, and will manufacture it as soon as possible. The company will deliver the boiler to the site in July 2012. The district heating power plant will be commissioned in the winter of 2012-2013.

“Renewa has rapidly become a strong supplier of local energy solutions outside of Finland. We have signed all our agreements in the international markets during the last two years. Exports already represent a significant share of our net sales. This is our second agreement with the client. The power plant uses biomass fuel for district heating and represents Renewa’s core business, local energy produced by local biofuel, which offers great international growth potential for a bioenergy expert like Renewa,” says Tuomas Timonen, Renewa’s Managing Director.

The agreement on the delivery of the power plant to Rigas Siltums continues the cooperation between Renewa and Axis Industries. The cooperation started in 2009 with an agreement on the delivery of a 20 MW steam boiler plant to Litesko, Alytus, located some 100 kilometers south-west of Vilnius. The project in Alytus has progressed to commissioning. District heat production began in December 2011 and electricity production will begin in February 2012.

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