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October the 21st, 2011

Lappset Group Ltd establishes a production unit
for metal products and components in Estonia

Lappset Group Ltd invests in future growth and expands its international operations by establishing a new production unit for metal playground equipment and components in Estonia. The production plant will be located just outside the City of Tallinn, Estonia, in a recently constructed industrial area. The Board of Directors of Lappset Group made a decision on tis investment, of about 2.5 million EUR, on Tuesday 30 August 2011.

With this investment, we will strengthen our competitiveness and expand our international operations. The majority of our consolidated turnover comes from the sale of wooden playground equipment, but at the same time we are facing an increasing demand for metal playground solutions from our customers. For example the interest in our metal product range Cloxx, and the recently launched Parkour Solutions range is increasing, says Juha Laakkonen, CEO of the Lappset Group.

The new production unit is scheduled to commence its production by the end of June 2012. Premises of the factory are under construction, and will be finished in December of this year. Lappset will rent some 4.000 square meters of space in a recently constructed industrial area just outside Tallinn.

The factory will produce a major part of all the metal components needed in wooden playground equipment and a majority of the metal product ranges, such as the Cloxx play equipment and the Parkour Solutions.

The start-up phase of the project will be managed by Mr Aarno Martin who has a long and extensive experience of different business development projects in the Lappset Group Ltd.

Wooden playground equipment will be manufactured by Lappset’s production facilities in Rovaniemi and Pello (Finland) as before. The majority of Lappset’s street and garden furniture is manufactured by the company’s Swedish subsidiary – Lappset Sweden – in the City of Enköping.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Juha Laakkonen, CEO, tel. +358 40 762 5480

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