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September the 15th, 2011

Paulig’s new coffee roastery in Tver, Russia has been inaugurated

The Finnish coffee company Paulig has opened a new coffee roastery in Tver region in Russia. The production of the new, modern roastery is directed to Russia’s and CIS markets. The value of the investment is over 20 million euros. Paulig is already one of the leading marketers of natural coffee in Russia. In the coffee world Paulig is widely known as a high quality producer. The new production plant has an important role both from the competitiveness and customer service point of view. The building of the roastery began in October 2009.

The wide and growing market area offers Paulig significant possibilities to boost its business to a new level.In Russia especially in big cities consumers are more and more interested in real coffee and coffee consumption is increasing. During the last two years Paulig has invested significantly to the development of its organization and market position.

“Opening of the Tver roastery is an important step for Paulig in increasing our sales and strengthening our market position in Russia. Our aim is to grow. Local production brings us many competitive advantages. We are more flexible with our product portfolio and can more easily develop products that meet the needs of local consumers. Without having to pay high import duties we can also succeed in price competition. In addition, local operation streamlines our logistical operations and improves customer service“, says Elisa Markula, Paulig Group Coffee Division Managing Director.

Paulig’s focus in Russia is especially on high-quality coffees. The roastery in Tver also enables the production of mid-priced coffees as well as private label coffee production.

“Our product range will include a vast selection of real coffees from filter coffee to espresso and turka grind that fit the ways to make coffee in Russia. The new roastery will manufacture Paulig President, Paulig Classic, widely-known and popular among consumers, as well as HoReCa coffee products. This autumn we launched the new Paulig Mokka coffee”, says Alexander Kolkov, Managing Director at Paulig RUS Ltd.

Before deciding to settle in Tver, Paulig searched for a suitable building site from several locations. The industrial area of Borovlevo-2 was geographically well positioned between two logistic centres, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Also investment attractiveness of Tver region, reasonable land pricing and desire of the regional authorities to provide support and assistance weighed in the selection.

A modern and safe roastery
with high quality standards

The production capacity of the new roastery is 6000 tons annually but if needed it is possible to extend the production. The factory employs 40–60 persons and altogether the personnel in the Russian company is today approximately 100 persons.

” The roastery in Russia functions in the same way as the roastery in Finland. The production process is based on the same logic and both factories use ISO 22000-system in managing product safety and quality control. The key personnel has been trained in Finland”, says Operations Director Minna Forsström.

The architecture and the material choices of the new roastery are in line with Vuosaari roastery, which was completed in 2009. The main themes in the design have been timelessness and durability. The building has been designed by the Finnish KVA Architects Ltd. and constructed by the Russian ZAO Haka Moscow.

Further information:
Paulig Group Coffee Division, Managing Director Elisa Markula, +359 50 596 0978,
OOO Paulig RUS; General Director Alexander Kolkov, +7 985 997 89 72,
Building, architecture, production: Operations Director Minna Forsström, +358 40 702 9896,
Communications Manager Leena Miettinen, +358 40 562 7302,



Total consumption of natural coffee is approx. 23 million kilos. The use of soluble coffee is more common. Coffee drinking is more typical in big cities: e.g. 80% of Moscowians say they drink coffee, about 50% daily, mostly in the morning.


* Paulig has been operating in Russia since 1992
* The building of the Tver roastery began in autumn 2009
* The production capacity is 6 million kilos – over 12 million coffee packages per year
* Increase of production is possible by extending both the process and the building
* Food safety management system is being built according to ISO 22002-standard
* Products: filter coffees, espresso coffees, turka grind, whole beans, grounded products
* Brands: Paulig Classic, Paulig President, Paulig Mokka, Paulig Arabica, Paulig Espresso Originale, Paulig MOKKA, Horeca -products
* Builder: OOO Paulig RUS
* Address: 40-U, Burashevo Village, Kalininskiy District, 170546 Tver region
* Project Director Minna Forsström, Factory Manager Anatoly Panchev


* Year 2003: Consideration of the possibility to build a new roastery in Russia began
* January 2008: Paulig signed a preliminary contract for the purchase of a plot roughly seven hectares of land in Borovlevo, Tver region
* June 2009: Paulig Group’s Board’s approval for the project
* September 2009: The earthworks got under way
* October 2009: The foundation stone of the new roastery was laid on 8 October 2009


* Surface area approximately 5,350 m2
* Production area and warehouse: 3,350 m2
* Business facilities: 1,000 m2
* Mechanical equipment room: 600 m2
* Gate building: 62 m2
* Volume: production area 44,577 m3, offices 6,740 m3
* Length: 109 m
* Width: 42 m
* Height; silo and production area: 12/15,5 m, warehouse: 8/11,5 m


* Green coffee reception and storage
* Sensory testing laboratory
* Coffee production process
* Packing and palletisation
* Warehouse
* Control room
* Mechanical equipment room
* Offices for the production areas

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