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October, the 29th 2010

Technopolis Signs Second Anchor Tenant to Pulkovo

Technopolis has concluded a binding preliminary agreement with one of the largest Russian financial services companies. The 5 year agreement with Technopolis will initially cover about 3,800 square meters in the Technopolis Pulkovo building in St.Petersburg as well as a variety of services. The company is scheduled to move up to 500 employees into Technopolis Pulkovo in phases starting in December, 2010. In the aftermath of this deal the prelet rate for Technopolis Pulkovo will increase to approximately 60 %. The final lease will be signed after the building is registered. Registration is expected in November.

The tenant, a financial services company headquartered in Moscow, has pioneered online financial service products in Russia, serving more than one million individuals and several thousand Russian and international companies. The company employs over 2,500 people and ranks among the 10 top companies in Russia in its sector.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Keith Silverang
Phone: +358 40 566 7785
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