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October, the 28th 2010

Small Planet sells Russian mobile connectivity and payment company to Boku

BOKU, the San Francisco based online payment service company, has acquired 100% ownership of Laika Mobile Connectivity from Small Planet, Access Propeller and Mr. Pasi Marjanen. Laika Mobile Connectivity is providing mobile payment services in Russia and the Baltics and has a long history in carrier connectivity and mobile payment business in the area.

Laika Mobile Connectivity has an interesting history in Russian and Baltic’s carrier connectivity and mobile payments. Laika Mobile Connectivity was founded by Small Planet, Access Propeller and Mr. Pasi Marjanen by acquiring Jippii Mobile Entertainment’s business operations in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2006. The portal Jippii was the first mobile service to become a market leader in Russia and thus the company inherited extensive experience in providing premium SMS services for the Russian mass-market. The connectivity related operations were separated and incorporated into a new company named Laika Mobile Connectivity Ltd. At that point former Paymo, nowadays Boku, joined the company as a partner, investor and minority shareholder.

"Four years ago we chose to work with Boku because of their enthusiasm and vision in building mobile online payments and especially targeting mass markets. I was personally strongly involved in ramping up the business of Laika Mobile Connectivity, recruiting the current CEO Mr. Alexis Battle and setting up the partnership deal with Boku. The business has been doing fairly well despite the turmoil in the markets. It pleases me that Boku made the offer to buy the whole company, as Boku is exactly the right kind of partner to take the Russian and Baltic’s mobile payment business to the next level”, comments Rasmus Roiha, former Chairman of Laika Mobile Connectivity, Partner of Small Planet.

“I am happy that the shareholders came to an agreement of the sales to Boku. Boku has been a good partner so far, and looking forward being part of a fast growing and expanding operation is thrilling. Russia is a huge market with huge opportunities, and it is clear why Boku wants to be part of it also”, notes Alexis Battle, CEO of Laika Mobile Connectivity. “Let’s see how we will arrange the branding of the services going forward”, Alexis continues with a smile.

The contract was done in early October 2010 and Boku now owns 100% of Laika Mobile Connectivity. Payment was done in cash, the sum is not disclosed. Former shareholders and investors in Laika Mobile Connectivity are satisfied with having had the possibility to be part of the hopefully ever-growing payment business in Russia and the Baltic’s.

About Laika Mobile Connectivity
Laika Mobile Connectivity is a mobile billing services aggregator specializing in Premium SMS Billing, also known as PSMS Connectivity, SMS Payment or Mobile Micro Payments. Laika Mobile Connectivity is a "pure play" connectivity provider & aggregator, which allows its customers to benefit from established mobile operator relationships and deep market knowledge. The company specializes in PSMS Connectivity services in Russia and the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Laika Mobile Connectivity is based in Moscow, Russia, and holds direct agreements and connections with Russian teleoperators, all Baltic countries teleoperators and is a member of the Mobile Content and Services Providers Association of Russia. Laika Mobile Connectivity has also an office in Helsinki, Finland. For further information on Laika Mobile Connectivity and its products, please visit

About Boku
BOKU is creating the standard for online payments using your mobile phone, making it easy to pay for digital goods and social experiences across the web. With a strong focus on reliability and security, BOKU's goal is to bring bank-grade payments technology and mobile users together on the web, creating a trusted, viable and accessible market for consumers, publishers and carriers alike. Based in San Francisco with offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America, BOKU reaches over 1.8 billion consumers worldwide, and is funded by leading Silicon Valley and European entrepreneurs and venture capitalists including Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, DAG Ventures and Andreesen Horowitz. For further information on BOKU and its products, please visit

About Small Planet
Small Planet provides mobile operators and media companies with solutions for mobile social networking and mobile marketplace management. The company's solutions are today deployed in more than a dozen countries and power over 10 million premium transactions monthly. Since 1998 Small Planet has worked with more than 50 different customers on five continents and gathered hands-on experience in hundreds commercial service launches. For further information on Small Planet and its products, please visit

About Access Propeller
Access Propeller Holdings invests in and develops digital media properties in US, Russia and Nordic regions. For more information please be in contact with Peter Nordberg, Access Propeller Holdings, Inc., 641 Lexington Avenue (27th Fl), New York, NY 10022.

For further information, please contact:
Alexis Battle
CEO, Laika Mobile Connectivity
Gsm: +358 40 5886862
Rasmus Roiha
Partner, Small Planet Ltd
Gsm: +358 400 180434

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