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April, the 7th 2010

Ms. Pirjo Karhu, Chair of the board and founder of Konsu, was awarded the entrepreneurial acknowledgement presented by the State Duma of Russian Federation

Russian Federation Fund for promoting entrepreneurship has presented annual awards in grand gala which took place in Moscow 17.3.2010. Pirjo Karhu, the founder of Konsu Group and the chair of the board, was awarded highly appreciated prize ’the best chief of the year 2010’. The prize was given by M.E.Bugera representing the State Duma. This high level acknowledgement was the first in line presented to foreign business executive in Russia.

The meaning of the event was to encourage excellent leadership and give information about high level leaders and companies in Russia.

The award was given by the grounds of management style and ability to motivate organisation in the challenging economical environment. Konsu Group has proven to have expansive and ongoing business culture and Konsu has been able to increase operations in Russia despite of the global economical crisis.

Nominees were estimated by the award jury on both qualitative and quantitative grounds based on information provided by Rosstat, Business Extension Fund and rating agencies. Konsu’s business in Russia has increased steadily and profitably. In addition the company has maintained western standards and local perspective in challenging environment.

“In Russia every day is an adventure. It has been wonderful to help hundreds of companies to establish successful business in Russia, build high level financial expertise organisation and expand the operations to other countries, describes Pirjo Karhu her journey as an entrepreneur.

About Konsu Group

Konsu Group provides financial management services to foreign companies operating in Russia and Ukraine. Konsu is specialised in providing start-up, financial management and legal services.

Offices: Lappeenranta, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Obninsk, Munich
Personnel 2009: 155

Konsu has been in Russia since 1992 and in Ukraine since 2008. Company is growing strongly and expanding operations to other CIS countries. Konsu’s clientele mainly consists of hundreds of European and North American companies operating in Russia. Konsu Groups belongs to Accountor Group, the leading financial management services group in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region employing 1.500 professionals and serving over 15.000 organisations of all sizes in the private and public sectors.

For further information, please contact:
Pirjo Karhu, Konsu Group
Mob. +358 400 554 596

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