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January, the 30th 2010

Betset Oy expands to Russia, St Petersburg

Betset Oy has expanded to Russia to city of St. Petersburg. Zao Betset started its activity in November 2009 and the company signed a deal to purchase a factory producing internal wall elements in December 2009. The production started in factory on 11th of January 2010.

The factory starting now produces internal wall elements to construction market of St. Petersburg. Typical thicknesses for elements are 160mm and 200mm. Betset Oy believes the construction market in Russia will recover from its slow period already during year 2010 and wants to take part into the new growth. Acquisition of internal wall element factory is the first step in Betset Oy's expansion plan; a much bigger and versatile factory is already on planning table.

Zao Betset will adopt the strengths of its Finnish mother company and give them for use for its customers. Betset Oy is known as a reliable, high quality concrete elements producer who has very reliable deliveries and keeps promised delivery timetables. Betset Oy has got ISO 9001:2000 -quality certificate for its whole activity. These same standards of activity and quality level will be adopted into Russian. The company is planning also to bring the valued methods in use in Finland of constructing with precast elements to St. Petersburg, which aren't available in the market yet.

There is a big need for high quality façade elements with different surface solutions, which will be part of Zao Betset's product range already in near future. There is also a growing need for parking house solutions, a product from which Betset in Finland is famous of, and which the company will start to produce later to St. Petersburg's and surrounding market areas. Also new solutions for office- and industrial building solutions will be introduced.

For further information, please contact:
Managing director Hannu Löytönen (Gsm +358 40 3434 301)
Development director, country director Russia Jonne Pöyhtäri (Gsm +358 40 3434 308)
General director Zao Betset Risto Vainio (Gsm +7921 944 3976)
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