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January, the 7th 2010

A-Katsastus Expands its operations through acquisitions in Estonia and Poland

A-Katsastus Group has expanded its current network by acquiring vehicle inspection companies in Estonia and Poland. Alpter-TÜV OÜ, the Group’s Estonian acquisition, is the third-largest operator in the country, and this acquisition will further strengthen the position of A-Katsastus as thelargest vehicle inspection company in Estonia.

A-Katsastus entered the Estonian market in 2008 by acquiring three inspection companies operating in Maardu, Rakvere and Tallinn and by consolidating them under its Estonian subsidiary A-Ülevaatus OÜ. Alpter-TÜV OÜ, the company now being acquired, operates three inspection stations in Estonia: two in Tartu, the country’s second-largest city, and one in Tallinn. The company is currently in the progress of establishing its fourth inspection station; this will bring the total number of A-Katsastus inspection stations in Estonia to seven. After this latest acquisition, the market share of A-Katsastus in Estonia will be about 13%.

Autotest Polska Sp. z o.o., the subsidiary of A-Katsastus, has operated in Poland since 2001. PKS Wejherowo Sp. z o.o., the company now acquired, is based in Northern Poland, near the Port of Gdansk. The location of the inspection station operated by this company will support the regional expansion strategy of A-Katsastus, which involves having stations in and about major cities. The Gdansk region is particularly important for the heavy vehicles inspection business. This corporate acquisition is the first of its kind carried out in Poland by a major international vehicle inspection company, an important opening in the process of developing and consolidating the country’svehicle inspection business.

Juha Tukiainen, CEO of the A-Katsastus Group, is very pleased that both acquisitions have materialised. "The expansion of our international business is a key strategic objective. Estonia and Poland are important operating territories for us, and also regions of future growth. Both these acquisitions make excellent supplements to our existing station networks in these countries,” Tukiainen says.

”In Europe we are already one of this field’s largest private companies, and the Baltic Rim in particular constitutes our home market area. For the internationalisation process of our Group, 2010 will be an important year, as we are planning to start vehicle inspection in Sweden once that market is opened for competition in July.”

About A-Katsastus Group:

A-Katsastus Group is one of the leading European companies providing vehicle inspection, trade-in inspections and registration services. Its range of services also includes drivers' examinations, vehicle testing and automotive quality services. The Group has 2,100 employees and 250 inspection stations in eight countries. The company operates in Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Estonia. The corporate headquarters are in Kaivoksela, Vantaa.

For further information, please contact:
Kim Willgren, Director, International Business, A-Katsastus,
tel. +358 45 632 2017

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