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December, the 8th 2009

Renewa to deliver a 20 MW steam boiler plant to Lithuania

Renewa and Lithuanian Axis Technologies have entered into an agreement for the delivery of a 20 MW steam boiler plant to Litesko, Lithuania's leading provider of district heating. The boiler plant will be supplied as part of the power plant that Axis Technologies will construct in the city of Alytus, some 100 kilometers south-west of Vilnius. The contract supports Renewa’s growth and internationalisation strategy.

Renewa, which specialises in boiler plants using biofuel, will supply the project with a steam boiler and related equipment. The boiler will generate high-pressure steam for electricity production and district heating, mainly using wood chips as fuel but also peat and straw.

”This agreement is a remarkable step in implementing Renewa’s internationalisation strategy. In cooperation with Axis Technologies we are able to deliver a competitive and environmentally friendly energy-production plant to the leading district-heating provider in Lithuania”, states Renewa's managing director, Tuomas Timonen.

Renewa's delivery will include a boiler plant – based on the company's own fluidised-bed boiler technology – and its start-up. Axis Technologies is responsible for the entire power plant project including automation, electrification, turbine plant and construction.

The main equipment will be delivered to the site at the end of summer 2010 and the power plant will be brought into operation towards the end of 2011.

Further information:
Tuomas Timonen, managing director, Renewa Oy
Tel. +358 50 3860 448, e-mail: tuomas.timonen(at)

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