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September, 29th 2009

Junttan expands its distribution network in Russia

Junttan’s Russian sales and service network is expanding now that Kuorrus has been selected to manage the eastern areas of Russia - for the most part, the federal districts of the Urals and Volga. Korrus successfully took part in Junttan training in August 2009. Korrus has seven offices in various parts of Russia. The company also sells other western equipment, mainly connected with road building. More information on the company is available at

About Junttan:
Junttan Oy is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of hydraulic piling equipment. Junttan invented the concept of a fully hydraulic piling machine in 1976, and since then it has been at the forefront of the development of hydraulic piling machinery. Product development is based on close cooperation with piling contractors around the world.

Today, Junttan piling equipment is in use on every continent and in over 45 countries around the world. Junttan's product range comprises the world's leading pile driving rigs, pile drilling rigs and deep stabilisation rigs, as well as hydraulic impact hammers, hydraulic rotary heads and hydraulic power packs. Junttan's product strategy is to combine performance with the ability to adapt to different piling systems and with a high concern for protection of the environment.

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