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August, the 20th 2009

The first Prisma to be opened in Vilnius

SOK will open its first Lithuanian Prisma at the Ozas shopping centre today. Prisma Ozas emphasises the extensive products ranges and easy shopping combined with low prices in the challenging Lithuanian market.

The first Lithuanian Prisma hypermarket will be opened in the capital Vilnius on 20 August 2009. With a floor space of approximately 10,000 sq m, Prisma Ozas will be employing 130 retail professionals. The SOK-owned UAB Prisma LT employs 153 persons in total. The cost of the investment was approximately EUR 3 million.

“We are really excited about being involved in a large building project. There have been challenging moments on the way, but we are tremendously proud of the result and we are positive that the local residents will fill Prisma Ozas,” says Anu Huuska , CEO of UAB Prisma LT.

Prisma Ozas is located within excellent transport links. The Ozas centre is a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex with 180 specialist shops, numerous restaurants, the largest entertainment centre in the Baltic countries, and parking for 2300 vehicles.

“Prisma is a hypermarket with an extensive range of products. The range is specifically geared towards Lithuanian consumers, with 90 per cent of the products sourced from Lithuanian suppliers,” says Huuska.

The Lithuanian daily consumer goods market is highly competed, and grocery sales have decreased by 16 percent compared to the previous year.

“The economic situation in Lithuania will make the coming autumn a challenging one. Prisma’s competitive advantages are easy and quick shopping, more than 40,000 products and permanently low prices, and that means price leadership in Vilnius," Huuska concludes.

SOK is continuing its investments in Lithuania and new business locations are sought throughout the country. The aim is to open 4–5 new Prisma stores around Vilnius and 1–2 stores elsewhere in Lithuania in the next few years.

The second Lithuanian Prisma, the 11,000 sq m Prisma Pramones will be opened in Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city, in autumn 2010. The third, again a 11,000 sq m Prisma will be opened at Olinda shopping centre in early 2011.

About S-Group
The S-Group comprises 22 regional cooperative enterprises and SOK with its subsidiaries. SOK operated in Finland, Latvia, Estonia, and St Petersburg, Russia. The retail sales of the S Group in Finland and abroad was 11,821 million euro in 2008. The S Group has over 37,700 employees. The S Group had over 1,500 outlets at the end of 2008. There are currently seven outlets in St Petersburg, six in Tallinn, one in Vilnius and two in Riga. In 2008, the S Group’s investments were EUR 701 million.

Further information
Huuska Anu, CEO, UAB Prisma LT, tel. +370 61063401,

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