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March 4th, 2009

Lindström expanding in the Baltic States

Textiles service company Lindström has expanded and opened new service centres in Tartu, Estonia, and Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Lindström has opened the new service centres in Tartu and Klaipeda to meet the continuously increasing demand for rented textiles in the Baltic countries. Both offices offer workwear and mat services to corporate customers in the surrounding areas of these growth centres.

Lindström has been operating in Tallinn, Estonia, since 1992, and the company has been in Vilnius, Lithuania, since 1998. The distribution network in the Baltic States previously extended extensively into both countries, but now the companies in Tartu and Klaipeda will receive a more local service. At the same time, as a result of the new service centres, the necessary capacity for the needs of corporate customers in the capital regions of Tallinn and Vilnius will be freed up.

“Lindström is implementing its growth strategy, the latest demonstration of which are the investments in the Baltic countries. For years, the cornerstone to our growth has been Lindström’s own module concept: the mat module opened in Tartu is the one-hundredth,” says Mika Hartikainen,Senior Vice President, European Subsidiaries.

Lindström’s operations are based on a service package for rented textiles, which for the workwear service includes workwear acquisitions, fitting and size changes, collection of used workwear for washing, and maintenance. With the mat service, Lindström assesses the service need and assists the customer in saving money on property maintenance costs.

“The benefits of textile services are emphasised by the economic downturn as rented textiles totally relieves our customers of having to make investments in textiles. In addition, the workwear service is flexible enough during uncertain times to reflect changes in the personnel situation,” continues Hartikainen.

With the new service centres, Lindström employs 90 people in Estonia and 80 people in Lithuania.

Lindström’s international growth is based on a unique module concept, through which the company has been able to increase its capacity through small steps and has staggered its investments flexibly. As a result of the module technology, operations in all the countries are the same, and in this way it has been possible to guarantee customers high quality and an effective service. Lindström’s geographical expansion has been rapid during the 2000s; it is founded on creating new types of demand through rented textile services in several different growth markets in Europe and Asia.

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