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March 4th, 2009

Straightway Finland:
Transit traffic to Russia delivers jobs and growth
in the Finnish transports & logistics sector

Every day 6,000 Finns go to work in forwarding companies, commercial harbors, terminal and warehousing companies, and transport businesses. Thanks to them, over 30 billion euro worth of goods passed through Finland in 2008.

Work to do
In Finland, transit traffic employs directly tens of different professions like stevedores, cargo handlers and custom authorities, and indirectly hundreds of people. The biggest employer is logistics and warehousing services, which is creating new job opportunities alongside traditional port work. In 2008, Finland’s expanding logistics sector employed close to 70,000 people.

Safe, efficient, reliable
Finland is known as the safest and most cost-effective transit route to Russian market, with vehicles, electronics and consumer goods leading the way. In fact, Finnish transit traffic accounts for about 40% of the total value of Russian imports. Even with the opening of new ports around St Petersburg, Finland continues to strengthen its position as the EU’s logistics centre to Russia.

Growth on land and rail
Keeping this flow of goods and services on track requires skilled labor and first-class infrastructure. The forecast is that transit traffic via Finland will continue to grow in the coming years in spite of the current recession. For job seekers and companies, this is a container packed with opportunities.

Starightway Finland is a marketing association with over 50 logistics member companies. The association promotes the transit route and logistics services via Finland to and from Russia.

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