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October, the 22nd, 2008

Atria concentrates the primary meat processing to Valga

Atria Estonia that bought Wõro and Vastse-Kuuste meat factories is closing down its slaughter house and meat cutting division in Vastse-Kuuste and brings its activities to Valga.

Kaido Kaare the Executive Manager of Atria Estonia says that the slaughter house in Valga will be supplying all three meat factories of the group with raw meat. “We wish to accomplish better efficiency in the sector of primary processing of animals and concentrate on developing the procedures in Valga,”
said Kaare.

"Having our own animal farms and slaughter house means first of all stability and independence form the volatile meat market,” noted Kaare.

“In connection to the animal and meat processing activities concentration to Valga 18 people from Vastse-Kuuste will be unemployed, all other activities in Vastse-Kuuste will remain,” said Kaare.

Slaughter house in Valga was renovated completely in 2002. Recent years there have been made investments into computer system that has improved the monitoring, quality and speed of meat processing.

Slaughter house is serving Atria’s farms and is also buying from other animal breeders. The capacity of Valga’s slaughter house reaches up to 800 animals per day.

Atria Estonia, which represents brands such as Atria, Maks & Moorits, Wõro and Vastse-Kuuste, is the second largest meat industry. According to the results in 2007, the turnover of three enterprises reached 45,4 Million euros.

More information:
Juha Gröhn - Managing Director of Atria Finland and Atria Baltic, tel. +358- 400- 684224Kaido Kaare - Atria Estonia, Executive Manager, tel. +372-50- 30 840FET

www.atria.fihone +358 40 311 3005

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