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January, the 8th, 2008

Sisu Defence Continuing the Delivery of SISU 8x8 Off-Road Trucks to Lithuania

International Sisu Defence will continue the delivery of SISU 8x8 off-road trucks to the Lithuanian Defence Forces, which confirmed further deliveries at the beginning of January, scheduled for 2008-09.

The agreed deliveries constitute the second part of a total deal worth of over 20 million euros. The deliveries to Lithuania began last year with the first batch of off-road trucks and their logistic systems.- The confirmed further deliveries signal that our customer has been satisfied with the ability of SISU off-road trucks to address the needs of the Lithuanian Defence Forces, says Olof Elenius, Managing Director of Sisu Defence.

The vehicles to be delivered to Lithuania represent Sisu Defence’s new protected SISU ETP off-road military trucks. - The deal with the Lithuanian Defences Forces is a major step for Sisu Defence’s protected SISU ETP off-road truck family. The need for effectively protected vehicles of this kind will grow considerably especially for use by rapid deployment forces and international peacekeeping operations, Mr. Elenius says.

The vehicles carry Sisu Auto’s mine-protected chassis structure, a low-profile SISU cabin made in Finland, powerful 445 hp Caterpillar C13 engine and 6-gear Allison automatic transmission.

The vehicle’s mine-protection meets the requirements of Level 2a of the international Stanag 4569. The cabin can be provided with ballistic protection complying with Level 3 of the Stanag. The total height of the vehicle is less than 2.7 metres so it can also be transported fast by air. When loaded, the height is less than 4 metres, which means that the vehicle can pass under bridges of normal clearance.

The vehicles are delivered to the customer fully equipped. The deal also includes an extensive spare part and swap body delivery and training programme.

Most of the vehicles are equipped with a body-integrated Multilift hook lift that enables swap bodies and containers to be loaded fast even in field conditions.

Some of the vehicles have been furnished for use as off-road breakdown trucks. They carry a robust crane and winch equipment and extensive accessories for towing different types of vehicles.

The protected SISU 8x8 off-road truck has a small dead weight and large payload. The unloaded weight of the vehicle with a hook device is 18,000 kg and that of the towing vehicle 27,000 kg. The gross weight of both the vehicles is 36,000 kg.

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