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January, the 8th, 2008

Andritz receives major order from Mondi Syktyvkar, Russia

International Technology Group Andritz received an order from Mondi Syktyvkar Pulp and Paper mill in Komi Republic, Russia, to supply a new recovery boiler, evaporation plant, and woodyard. The order also includes the rebuild of the existing fiberline. The typical order value for such a project is 100-130 MEUR; order completion is scheduled for 2010.

The state-of-the-art 3,560 tds/d recovery boiler - equipped with odorous gas incineration systems - maximizes electrical energy generation in the plant, thus ensuring cost-effective power generation in the mill and helping to protect the environment.

The supply also includes an evaporation plant and a condensate stripping plant. The six-effect evaporation plant has a water evaporation capacity of 550 t/h; the final product solids content is about 75%. All condensates are separated for further use within the pulp mill. The condensate stripping plant purifies the methanol-rich condensates from the new and the existing evaporators. The collected methanol is treated in a new methanol plant to produce liquid methanol fuel.

The woodyard, which has a capacity equivalent to a pulp production of 875,000 t/year, consists of two debarking lines with the highest capacity in the world. The chippers are the biggest in the world, with 3.87 m disc diameter and 18 knives. The chipper is designed to produce homogenous, high chip quality with extremely high capacity of the lines.

The fiberline delivery includes an upgrade of hard- and softwood lines. The hardwood fiberline comprises a brownstock washing upgrade with a pressure diffuser and two-stage DD washer; the capacity will increase to 1,500 t/d. For the softwood fiberline, Andritz will convert the existing continuous digester to Downflow Lo-Solids® cooking. The upgrade also comprises a TurboFeed® chip feeding system; the capacity will increase to 1,000 t/d.

About Andritz Group
Stock exchange listed Andritz Group is a global market leader for advanced production systems for pulp and paper, steel, and other specialized industries. In addition, Andritz is also one of the leading global suppliers of electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants. Andritz has a staff of approximately 11,200 employees worldwide. It develops and makes its high-tech systems at 35 production sites (Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, and China).

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