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December 3rd, 2007

Opening day rush at the eighth K-rauta in St. Petersburg

Kesko opened the eighth K-rauta outlet in St. Petersburg on Saturday, 1st of December. K-rauta Rustaveli, located in the strongly developing area in the northeastern part of St. Petersburg, was
completely jammed by customers rushing to explore the selections of the large outlet. The store was visited by more than 10,000 customers on the opening day and by approximately 5,000 on Sunday. There are some 1.5 million inhabitants in the neighbourhood areas of the store.

"On the basis of the previous openings in St. Petersburg we knew to expect high success, but the number of visitors and the amount of purchases made during the weekend exceeded all our expectations.
Customers said they are very pleased to have a high-level building and home improvement store of this size in the area. This popularity also confirms that K-rauta has become a well-known brand in St. Petersburg," says Mikko Pasanen, Rautakesko's Country Manager for Russia.

K-rauta Rustaveli offers a large selection of building supplies, tools and interior decoration items. The display section has also complete solutions which provide customers with tips for home decoration and renovation. The total area of the store is 14,500 square metres, of which 7,000 square metres is outdoors. A wide builders' yard serves those business customers and consumers who want to take their purchases away with them with no delay.

K-rauta Rustaveli, like other K-rauta outlets in St. Petersburg, have different customer loyalty programmes for private builders and renovators. On the opening day, more than 3,000 customers obtained a loyalty card. The store also provides special offers and services for business customers.

"K-rauta is well-known in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Our customers see the brand as modern and our products as top building and interior decoration items. By leveraging the strong expertise and business model of the chain we can offer our customers a large selection of high-quality products and services in St. Petersburg, too," says Aleksandr Rudenko, Managing Director of ZAO Stroymaster.

"Rautakesko will develop the K-rauta chain in Russia and open two new stores in St. Petersburg during the year 2008. We will also expand the network to other Russian cities," adds Mikko Pasanen. In January-September 2007, the sales of K-rauta stores in St. Petersburg increased by 54% compared with the corresponding period in 2006. Rautakesko's sales in Russia totalled ¤120.9 million in 2006. Photos of the store are downloadable at

About Rautakesko
K-rauta stores ( meet the customer demand for safe ideas and solutions for building and living. K-rauta stores operate in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and Russia.Rautakesko ( is engaged in the building and home improvement trade through the K-rauta, Rautia, Byggmakker and Senukai retail chains. Rautakesko manages its chains, combines their purchasing power, arranges efficient logistics, acquires store sites and guarantees strong marketing and development support to the stores. Rautakesko operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and Russia.

Further information
Aleksandr Rudenko, Managing Director, ZAO Stroymaster, tel. +7 812 326 9231
Mikko Pasanen, Country Manager for Russia, Rautakesko Ltd, tel. +358 40 743 6665

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