Eastern European Markets
September 19th, 2007

Ensto´s St. Petersburg plant opens door to Russia

Ensto has opened a new assembly plant in St. Petersburg, Russia, in order to produce overhead line accessories intended for the Russian markets. The company has decided to bring its production and warehouses closer to the customer since it believes in strong customer service aimed at improving Ensto’s competitiveness and, thereby, recognition of the Ensto brand in local markets.

The decision by Ensto to start up its own assembly operations in Russia was based on the need to respond rapidly to increased demand. Russia is a promising and strategically important market for Ensto: the Russian electric energy market is developing rapidly and major investments are being made in the electrical sector. The quality requirements related to these investments are very strict, which is helping Ensto sell its first-rate solutions.

Ensto has operated in Russia for as long as fifteen years and, thanks to this experience, has a clear picture of the Russian market. Originally, Ensto entered the Russian market through its overhead line technology which is renowned as a safe and reliable solution, even in harsh conditions. This year, Ensto extended its product portfolio to include underground cable accessories as well. Demand for underground solutions are expected to increase in the future since an underground network is not as exposed to environmental factors as overhead line solutions.

In addition to customer service, Ensto is able to stand out from its competitors in the Russian market based on its reliability: thanks to extensive experience gained in Scandinavia, Ensto products are a good choice in terms of safety, quality and durability. Infrastructure construction is a responsible task on which Ensto has been focusing for decades. The company strives to provide Russian electricity plants with first-class products that are made in Russia.

Until today, Ensto's product offering in Russia has mainly covered network construction solutions. Now, there are also signs of livelier demand in Ensto’s two other business areas: the electrification of buildings, and industrial components and enclosures.

Ensto has production facilities in six countries, which ensures short delivery times to its main market areas. In addition to an assembly plant in St. Petersburg, Ensto’s Russian units include sales offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow as well as a nation-wide sales network.

Further information
Jukka Koskinen, President and CEO, Ensto Group, tel. +358 204 76 2204

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