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July 10th, 2007

Export of Finnish foodstuffs to Russia to become easier

new export company has been set up to facilitate the export of food products to Russia. Fintorus Oy, specialising in logistics, has been jointly founded by Sitra, Northwest Russia Fund, Tradeka Oy and Oy J Jauhiainen Logistics Ltd. Besides the founding companies, thirteen other food companies have signed a letter of intent with a view to joining the company as partners. In addition to these, other new companies may be accepted until the end of August. The company will commence its operations in the late autumn.  

The export of small food consignments from Finland to Russia is expensive and difficult, which particularly impacts fresh and other special products. The newly-established company improves this situation by assembling its partners’ export consignments in a terminal located in southeast Finland, where they are arranged in loads according to the customer. The smallest unit handled is a bulk package. Combining the consignments into a full load and centralising export and import activities within one company make it possible to profit from even small deliveries to Russia.  

A subsidiary will be established in Russia for imports and sales. “This enables the transfer of several different products to the specialist shops in St Petersburg, and later in Moscow. Moreover, larger food companies also benefit from a model where export and import routines have been centralised in one organisation," says Jyrki Jauhiainen, who will be the Managing Director of the new company. Jauhiainen has extensive experience selling foods in Russia.  

The initiative for establishing the company came from the Russian cluster of Sitra’s Food and Nutrition Programme, ERA. The aim of the ERA Programme is to improve the international competitive edge of the food industry. “Russia is an important export market. Large food companies have succeeded in increasing their exports there. The new company will also enhance export opportunities in the SME sector," says Liisa Rosi, the Development Director of Sitra’s ERA Programme.  

Further information
Fintorus Oy
Jyrki Jauhiainen, Managing Director
Tel. + 358 50 552 1417  
Waldemar Tuutti, Chairman of the Board
Tel. +358 400 453 141  
Northwest Russia Fund Ltd.
Veli-Matti Kesälahti, Managing Director
Tel.+358 400 012 989  
Liisa Rosi, Development Director
Tel. +358 40 507 6041

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