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June 20th, 2007

Lemcon launches industrial park project in Russia

Lemminkäinen Group’s Lemcon Ltd has signed a co-operation agreement with authorities on an industrial park project in Russia as well as a pre-contract for the purchase of the park’s entire 130-hectare site. The industrial park will be built in Vorotynsk near Kaluga, a city of some 350,000 inhabitants in central Russia. Some 15-20 production plants and logistics centres will be located in the industrial park.

Investors are interested in Kaluga area: Volkswagen and Volvo, among others, have announced investments in the province. In addition to automotive industry suppliers, the building materials industry serving the Russian market is interested in the region due to its excellent logistical connections and professionally skilled labour force.

- Lemcon’s industrial park concept improves risk management because it provides companies investing in Russia with a dependable framework for the handling of issues such as the transfer of plot ownership rights and necessary infrastructure, says Lemcon’s Export Director Juha Höyhtyä.

About Lemcon
Lemcon Ltd, Lemminkäinen Group’s international project contractor, which derives about a half of its business from abroad. In Finland the company focuses on demanding infrastructure contracts and project management contracting. In addition to its operations in Europe, the company serves as a project and telecoms network contractor in the Americas and Asia.

About Lemminkäinen
Lemminkäinen Group operates in all areas of the construction sector. Its main business areas are building contracting, infrastructure construction, the building materials industry, and technical building and facility services. Net sales in 2006 were EUR 1,795.9 million, of which international operations accounted for about a third. The Group employs some 8,500 people. Lemminkäinen’s share is listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Further information
Export Director Juha Höyhtyä
Lemcon Ltd
Tel. +358 40 537 50 32
Project Development Manager Dmitry Abakumov
Lemcon Ltd
Tel. +358 400 341 419
Project Development Manager Juha Virtanen
Lemcon Ltd
Tel. +358 40 5565175

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