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September 5, 2006

Atria raises efficiency of Baltic operations

Atria Group is renewing its business organisation for the Baltic region starting 5 September 2006. This renewal is the next step, following the formation of an international organisation for Atria Group in June. The primary aim of the reform is to raise efficiency as well as rapidly improve profitability for Atria's operations in the Baltics. Another aim is to seek synergy in our Baltic business operations, as well as creating closer co-operation with Atria Group. Atria's profitability in the Baltics has been unsatisfactory, which is why operations will now be tightened and overlapping functions removed. In the future, the aim is to develop rapid growth in our business operations in the Baltics.

Atria's customers in the Baltics are increasingly expanding their operations to cover the entire Baltic region. The new organisation is an attempt to improve the company's response to the needs of customers in the entire business area. Atria is uniting the business operations of AS Valga Lihatööstus (Estonia) and UAB Vilniaus Mesa (Lithuania) to form a joint business in the Baltics starting 5 September 2006.

Raimo Kirmanen, director in charge of Atria's Baltic operations, is also in charge of Atria's organisation in the region. He is also the Managing Director of AS Valga Lihatööstus and UAB Vilniaus Mesa.

Sales Director Riina Aamisepp is responsible for sales and marketing in the Baltics. She has previously functioned as the sales director of AS Valga Lihatööstus. Production Director Margus Milk is in charge of production and purchasing. He has previously functioned as the production manager of AS Valga Lihatööstus. Logistic Director Ville Ruuskanen is responsible for logistics and IT. He has previously worked as Plant Director for UAB Vilniaus Mesa.

All of the above report to Raimo Kirmanen. These changes come into force on 5 September 2006.

Acquisitions Director Veli-Matti Jäppilä is responsible for primary production in the Baltics. He will also continue in his role as acquisitions director for AtriaSika at A-Tuottajat Oy. In addition to his development assignments in Russia, Director Juha Sarkkinen is also responsible for developing business in the Baltics.

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