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May 26. 2006

Kemira has opened a sales office for water-treatment chemicals in Lithuania

Kemira has opened a sales office for water treatment chemicals in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The purification of both drinking water and waste water and the associated chemicals belong to Kemira’s core business functions. Kemira is the world’s biggest supplier of coagulation chemicals and numerous cities along the shores of the Baltic Sea are among its customers.

Kemira’s water treatment applications and the associated services and Kemira’s aluminium- and iron-based coagulation chemicals, polymers, disinfectants and pH regulation chemicals produced by Kemira are available to Lithuanian customers better than before via this sales office. In addition to various towns and municipalities, Kemira’s customers also include industrial establishments representing a variety of industries.

Sales manager Ramunas Jonutis bears the responsibility for sales functions in Lithuania. His previous job included similar tasks in the service of Brenntag’s Lithuanian subsidiary. Kemira has production plants manufacturing water treatment chemicals in different parts of the world. The nearest ones to Lithuania are in Tallinn (Estonia) and Police (Poland).

In the future, the European Union’s waste water directive requires of member countries that their waste water is purified at least in accordance with the directive. The directive requires that the waste water of communities of more than 100,000 residents be purified to such an extent that the phosphorus concentration of treated waste water led into water systems is less than 1 mg/litre. Several countries bordering on the Baltic Sea have waste-water treatment plants which do not yet comply with this limit value set for phosphorus concentration.

Chemical precipitation of phosphorus together with the removal of nitrogen and organic material biologically represent a cost-effective and rapid way of achieving the EU’s quality standards set on waste water. Kemira offers both cooperation and comprehensive solutions whereby the quality of water can be brought to the required level.

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