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Technopolis Plc and Finpro sign Russian cooperation agreement

Technopolis Plc and Trade Center Finpro in St. Petersburg have started cooperating in Russia, with the intention of paving the way for the establishment of a Finnish innovation and technology center in St. Petersburg. This innovation center will be part of Finland’s international innovation center network.
The first center in this network is already operating in Shanghai, China, and new ones are planned in California, USA and St. Petersburg, Russia. The St. Petersburg innovation center will be located in Technopolis Plc's technology center once the latter has been completed.

The parties have hired a joint project manager, starting in the beginning of June, to work on the early stages of the project. The project manager will be in contact with potential Russian technology companies and stakeholder groups to assess their interest in cooperation with Finns and Technopolis. The person chosen has wide experience in the field in both Russia and Finland.

'Finpro's Innovation Center will be an important part of Technopolis Plc's Russian technology center, the first one built outside Finland. The service concept, combining business and development services with modern office premises, will enable Finnish technology companies to enter and expand effectively in Russia's quickly growing markets.

Through our cooperation, we will attempt to find areas where our countries can engage in technological cooperation,' says Kari Mikkonen, Director, Russia and Baltic Business Operations.

'This cooperation means that a new sector will get into a good start in trade between Finland and Russia. Finnish technology companies in particular have become more and more interested in the Russian technology industry. Headed by the new project manager, Trade Center Finpro will be able to serve Finnish technology companies in Russia even better,' says Timo Koponen, Head of Trade Center Finpro in St. Petersburg.

Measured by the number of customer companies, Technopolis Plc is one of Europe's largest technology center operators. It specializes in providing operating environments for high tech companies and offers a comprehensive service package combining modern premises and business and development services. Technopolis currently operates in Oulu, Vantaa, Espoo and Lappeenranta. In addition, it is preparing to expand its operations to the Russian and Baltic markets. Some 9,000 people employed by nearly 700 companies are currently working in its technology centers.

Finpro speeds up the international operations of Finnish companies and reduces any related risks. Finpro expertise and professionalism is ensured by over 300 internationalization experts working in over 50 trade centers in Finland and more than 40 countries around the world.

For further information:
Technopolis Plc, Director Kari Mikkonen, p. +358 400 723 320
Finpro, Timo Koponen, Head of Trade Center Finpro in St. Petersburg, tel. +7 8125 7187 33


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