Eastern European Markets
September, 12. 2005

FIM received membership on the RTS Stock Exchange in Moscow

The Russian subsidiary started its operations during the second quarter with equity sales, analyses, promotional activities and corporate finance operations. The Russian subsidiary has earlier obtained a licence to act as investment firm and has now received, as the first Finnish company, a membership on the RTS Stock Exchange.

The target group of brokerage operations consists of Finnish and international institutions and professional investors who make investments in Russia.

In addition to this, Special Mutual Fund FIM Russia Small Cap started on September 12, 2005.

The objective of the Fund’s investment activity is to earn as high a return as possible over the long term by investing the assets of the Fund mainly in the equities and equity-linked securities of Russian companies or companies for which Russia is a key market area in the assessment of the Management Company. Ari Vanhanen, President

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