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March 7, 2005


(PRESSI.COM 07.03.2005) The Russian subsidiary of Finland’s A-Inspection Ltd will open its first vehicle inspection centre in St Petersburg on March 9, 2005. The aim of A-Tehosmotr’s new centres is to offer motorists in St Petersburg a reliable and high-quality service with flexible opening hours.

The current inspection system for cars in Russia is quite new. Cars under five years old must be inspected once every other year, and cars over five years old annually. An inspection is also always carried out in conjunction with the car’s registration, for example, when the owner changes hands. The stock of motor vehicles has increased rapidly in Russia and there are about 1.4 million vehicles in St Petersburg alone with over 10,000 new registrations every month.

A-Inspection has been preparing to start operations in Russia since 2002 when its Russian subsidiary OOO Rosavtokontrol was established. Due to the slowness of the licensing system the first inspection centre is only now being opened.

The aim of the new Finnish operator is to provide the highest quality service in the sector. “We want to have a significant impact on raising the technical condition of vehicles and thus traffic safety," explains OOO Rosavtokontroli’s Managing Director, Pekka Pakarinen, talking about the company’s business ethos for Russia.

A new, customer-oriented service concept

The first A-Tehosmotr inspection centre will open its doors in the southwest of St Petersburg, in the Primorsk district, on Wednesday March 9. The inspection centre will focus its operations on providing reliable and smooth customer service. “In addition to good service, we will provide our customers with a reliable alternative for getting their cars inspected and at a competitive price," says Pekka Pakarinen, the firm’s Managing Director, of the company’s competitive stance.

The new centre will carry out inspections on cars and vans quickly and expertly. The inspection centre will operate chiefly without the need to reserve a time, i.e. motorists can come and have their vehicle inspected whenever it suits them best.

“To begin with the opening hours will be from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00 and 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturdays. It will also be possible to open on Sundays," explains Aleksander V Jeroshkin about the centre’s flexible opening hours. Customers can also reserve a time by phone if they wish.

Professional service at a central location

The location of the A-Tehosmotr centre, in the Pimorsk area of St Petersburg by the exit road to Vyborg, is excellent. The area is known for its supermarkets, such as Tradeka’s Super-Siwa, for McDonalds and for firms serving the motor trade. There are hundreds of thousands of residents in the area and new residential areas are being built all the time.

In addition to the Managing Director, the inspection centre will employ 2-3 inspectors and an office worker. As is customary, a militia inspector will also be permanently posted at the centre. In addition to a university degree, vehicle inspectors will be expected to undertake inspection induction training that lasts about 500 hours.

The official opening will be celebrated once the centre is already up and running within few weeks.

Future expansion plans

The aim in the future is to build a network of high-level, A-Tehosmotr inspection centres in St Petersburg with the first centre acting as the main hub. “We intend to have the next centres open later this year," says the company’s Managing Director, Pekka Pakarinen, of the company’s future plans.

The choice of services will also be expanded. “We will be testing, as far as we can, extra services that are already available in Finland, such as selling insurance, Prosecur safety markings and safety grooves, and inspections to check the condition of trade-in cars.

A-Inspection Ltd is also planning to open an inspection centre in Moscow. In addition to the 160 inspection centres in Finland, the company has operations in Latvia, Poland and Denmark.

For further information please contact:
• A-Inspection:
Executive Vice President and CFO Juha Tukiainen,
tel: +358 (0)75 323 2006 or +358 (0)45 632 2006
• OOO Rosavtokontrol:
Managing Director Pekka Pakarinen,
Tel: +7 812 102 41 25, +358 45 632 2034

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