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February 15, 2005


Vilnius/Helsinki/Cannes 15.2.2005

A leading Lithuanian telecom operator, Omnitel, has started to enable the usage of the mobile phone to perform digital signatures. The solution is compatible with conventional fixed PKI products, and is based on the technologies of the leading companies in the PKI area: Finnish software company Valimo Wireless, and Estonian company SK.

Within this new service, Omnitel is now working with its strategic enterprise and public sector partners to begin offering new services where digital identity can be used in on-line services. The Committee on the Development of an Information Society, under the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, has already started using mobile digital signatures for their internal use. This is the first time that a mobile phone has been used as part of an infrastructure of secure electronic signatures in the Baltic States, and one of the first such implementations worldwide.

The digital signature is generated in the PKI-enabled SIM card, and the mobile phone serves as the card reader. Valimo WPKI Suite performs wireless PKI transaction management, centralized digital signature validation and user authentication. The software of SK produces legally binding, signed documents based on ETSI XAdES standard. The solution complies with the European Union directive on digital signatures, and can be integrated to any qualified certificate authority service.

"We are aiming to be a frontrunner in the telecom industry, and it is in our strategic plan to form partnerships with other leading service providers in the region. This technology is a great example of how to enable a new breed of value-added services that mobile carriers can introduce today," comments Mr. Antanas Zabulis, the prezident of Omnitel. "By being part of a leading Baltic and Scandinavian operator group, including TeliaSonera and Netcom, it was also important for us to ensure interoperability across our group."

Valimo WPKI Suite is based on open standards, such as ETSI MSS and XadES, and has a variety of ready-made integrations to world leading enterprise applications.

"Omnitel's choice to be the first operator in the Baltic markets offering a mobile digital signature service is a natural enhancement to enrolling electronic ID for citizens. Basically this mobile signature service turns a handset with a PKI-enabled SIM card into a personal trusted device, and can be used as an electronic ID. Therefore, a browsing device like a PC does not need to be equipped with a smartcard reader as long as you just have your mobile phone with you" comments Mr. Juha Mitrunen, Senior Vice-President of Valimo.

The WPKI solution by Valimo is very versatile, and the potential application areas where mobile signatures can be used vary from eGovernment services to enterprise-to-employee authentication schemes. Also, finance sector has traditionally showed interest towards PKI. The highest level of security, combined with ease of use, is a compelling argument to any service provider needing to deal with identity management.

About Omnitel: Omnitel is the largest telecommunications company in the Baltics, member of TeliaSonera group. It provides reliable, innovative and easy-to-use services of carrying and packaging of voice, images, data, information, transactions and entertainment. OMNITEL has gained a reputation of being the first to offer new technologies to the Lithuanian market. It was the first network operator in Lithuania to launch GSM services (in 1995), a complete set of commercial Internet services, to open e-commerce portal, and one of the first in Europe to offer a wide range of mobile Internet services such as Internet portal for mobile users, WAP portal and WAP services. It was one of the first companies in Europe having introduced packet data transfer technology GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) in its network. OMNITEL was established in 1991.

About Valimo: Valimo Wireless Ltd. specializes in developing software that performs secure transactions in both mobile and fixed-line network environments. The company's product portfolio consists of transaction management solutions which enable strong user authentication in multi-channel environments, and assure non-repudiation of legally binding transactions. With Valimo, customers can concentrate on their own business models and service portfolios. Valimo manages the network security and data integrity issues, and maximizes service availability over multiple end devices.

Further information:
Valimo Wireless
Juha Mitrunen
Senior Vice President
Valimo Wireless Ltd
+358 9 4365 0080
Jovita Aukstuolyte
Head of PR group
+370 5 212 09 16

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