Eastern European Markets
February 28, 2005

New unified Finn Crisp conquers Russia and Eastern Europe

FINN CRISP crispbreads and thin crisps have been well-known worldwide for decades. Vaasan & Vaasan, the largest producer of thin crisps and the second-largest producer of crispbreads in the world, exports dry baked goods manufactured in Finland to more than thirty countries around the globe. The company’s major export markets are the Nordic countries, Germany, North America, Russia and the United Kingdom. Exports to Russia have experienced a particularly significant growth in recent years, resulting in an unbeatable 80 % market share for FINN CRISP crispbreads and thin crisps among the imported crispbreads in Russia. The new refreshed FINN CRISP brand is now set to conquer the Russian and Eastern European dry baked goods markets.

The changes in FINN CRISP products’ packaging are based on extensive brand research and aim to give the product family a more uniform look. The new design is also more youthful and dynamic. The FINN CRISP dry baked goods product family includes thin crisps, round and rectangular crispbreads and cereal cakes. The range is now being extended with new additions in the form of crackers and crisprolls. ‘The new packages have been designed to give the product range a harmonious, easily recognisable look,’ says Magnus Johanson, Director of International Operations from Vaasan & Vaasan Oy.

Studies have shown that consumers associate the traditional, red FINN CRISP packaging colour with high-quality products and delicious flavours (Consumer Compass 8/2004). ‘The new packaging designs respect the brand’s solid reputation and bakery traditions. We want our customers to be able to recognise their favourite products on the shelves and spot the other delicious alternatives available in the product family,’ Johanson explains.

As well as superior in quality and taste, all FINN CRISP products are healthy. The fibre-rich, low-calorie goods are wholesome and trendy choices for breakfast or snacks. They are also suitable for dining and feasting eaten as such or with toppings.

FINN CRISP is a product for today’s health-conscious consumer who appreciates good taste. ‘Our aim is to attain a market-leading position in the dry baked goods sector. We will start by launching the whole FINN CRISP product family in Russia and Eastern Europe,’ Johanson says.

The Vaasan & Vaasan Group is the largest bakery business in Finland and the Baltic region, one of the largest crispbread producers in the world and a significant Nordic producer of bake-off products. FINN CRISP crispbreads and thin crisps produced in Finland are exported to some 30 countries around the world. The company’s major export markets are the Nordic countries, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Benelux region and North America.

The Vaasan & Vaasan Group includes Vaasan & Vaasan Oy in Finland, A/S Leibur in Estonia, A/S Hanzas Maiznicas in Latvia, UAB Vilniaus Duona Plius in Lithuania and Delice Scandinavica AB in Sweden. In 2003, the Group had a turnover of EUR 275 million and employed some 3,900 people.

Further information:
Vaasan & Vaasan Oy
Magnus Johanson
Director, International Operations
tel. + 358 (0)40 715 6977

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