Eastern European Markets
April 18, 2005

Turvatiimi expands to St. Petersburg

Turvatiimi invests in St Petersburg and initiates co-operation with Baltika, a leading local security services company. Argosec Finland Oy and Urmas Rinne Turvallisuuskonsultointi Oy act as consultants in establishing the new company and managing the start-up phase. The new company will be named Turvatiimi-Baltika. Turvatiimi-Baltika offers both Russian and international firms operating in Russia a reliable partner that knows the local market and meets international standards.

Turvatiimi-Baltika will be owned by Turvatiimi, the consultants and the Polifen–Group that owns 100% of Baltika. In the initial phase Turvatiimi owns less than 20% of the venture but has an option to increase its ownership in a later stage to over 50%.

The Russian partner is St Petersburg based Baltika. Baltika has operated twelve years and is one of the leading local private security services companies. Its customer base includes both international and local customers. The focus of the operation will initially be in St Petersburg and in addition expansion is planned to Novgorod and Moscow. Nikolai Labutin, the main owner and chairman of the Polifen Group that owns Baltika is also the chairman of the local federation of security services companies FSSSE.

ArgoSec Finland Oy is a consultant in security and risk management. Argosec has an established position as a security specialist among large Finnish corporations and public institutions. Jaakko Häyhtiö, former head of corporate security in Nokia acts as chairman of Argosec. Mr. Häyhtiö has along career in the Finnish Security Police and the Interior ministry. Juha Leppänen, the managing partner of Argosec, has a broad experience as an expert and entrepreneur in security services. Turvatiimi Oyj owns 12% of Argosec Finland Oy.

Urmas Rinne Turvallisuuskonsultointi Oy specializes in security related expert services for corporate customers with operations in Russia and the Baltics. Urmas Rinne has 40 years career as a police on a senior level. His specialities include research on crime prevention, organized crime and international terrorism especially relating to Russia. Mr. Rinne worked in 1997 – 2001 in St Petersburg as a Police Liaison Officer and Special Advisor in the Finnish General Consulate. In 2002 he worked in the police Department of the Ministry of Interior in special research project on crime prevention cooperation Finland and Russia.

Turvatiimi is the leading Finnish security services company. Turvatiimi sales will exceed 21 million euro in 2005 and it employs more than 700 professionals. Turvatiimi is quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Further information:
Stefan Björkman, managing director
phone (09) 341 3700,

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