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April 13, 2005

Reval Hotels have free wireless Internet

Starting from April 12th all hotels of Reval Hotels in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius have free WiFi throughout the hotels, except in Reval Park Hotel & Casino where free wireless Internet is available only in the lobby and restaurant.

“In recent years, the wireless Internet has widely spread and many customers expect the hotels to possess excellent Internet connection,” explained the marketing manager of Reval Hotel Group Merit Mägi. “Comfort for customers is a priority for us – we did have WiFi in the Reval hotels before, but it was for a fee and the coverage was limited, such as the cafe and the lobby, which made it´s use complicated for the customer. We decided to solve these problems with free WiFi over the entire facility, which means added valued for customers of accommodation, conference and food & beverage.”

According to Merit Mägi, the need for WiFi use is above average among business clients. “As a rule, conferences and seminars last for the whole working day, in which case WiFi is crucial for reading and answering e-mails for instance,” added Merit Mägi. “During business trip free WiFi makes the stay at the hotel comfortable and efficient.”

Merit Mägi said that free WiFi is also meant for the local customers, who visit cafes and restaurants of Reval hotels. As there has been a rapid increase of the use of laptop and palm computers, and GPRS-phones, free WiFi coverage is very good news to all who wish to work outside the ordinary working environment or to have business meetings and appointments at Reval hotels.”

Reval Hotels ( is the largest hotel chain in the Baltic states, composed of four hotels in Tallinn – Reval Hotel Olümpia, Reval Park Hotel & Casino, Reval Hotel Central, Reval ExpressHotel; two hotels in Riga – Reval Hotel Latvija and Reval Hotel Ridzene, and one hotel in Vilnius – Reval Hotel Lietuva. Reval Hotels St. Petersburg hotel will open in 2006. At the same time, the extension of Reval Hotel Latvija will also be completed, whereby Reval Hotel Latvija will become the largest hotel in the Baltic States with its 600 hotel rooms. 830 people are employed in the seven hotels of Reval Hotels.

Additional information:
Merit Mägi, marketing manager, Reval Hotel Group
Phone: +372 6 315 300, e-mail:

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