Papula-Nevinpat Avenir

Editors´s Choice
Update: June 2012

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
Macroeconomic forecast, Russia´s accession to WTO. Special economic zones. International financial center.

The Central Bank of Russia.
Information and analytical materials. Statistics. Publications.

Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy.
Russian economy: Trends and outlooks.

EEG. Economic Expert Group.
Key economic indicators. Forecast. Federal budget execution.

BOFIT. The Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition.
BOFIT Weekly monitors and analyses the economic development of Russia and China. BOFIT Weekly yearbooks 2001-2011.

Worldbank. Russia.
Russian economic reports. Overview. Statistics.

OECD. Russian Federation.
Economic survey of Russia. Economic forecast. Statistics.

World Economic Forum.
The Russia Competitiveness Report 2011.

The Heritage Foundation. Index of Economic Freedom 2012. Russia.
Rule of law. Limited government. Regulatory efficiency. Open markets.

WIIW. The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies.
Statistics. Publications.

OSW. Center for Eastern Studies.
OSW Report. Russia - West relations. Russia and its neighbours.

Stockholm School of Business. Institute of Transition Economies.
Russia and Eastern Europe. Research. Business. Society.

The Heritage Foundation & The Wall Street Journal.
2011 Index of Economic Freedom. Russia.

UK in Russia. British Embassy Moscow.
Monthly economic reports. Russia economic reform.



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