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Lithuania: Ultimate Businesse Guide
by Business Information Agency
Description: 1,700 COMPANIES IN LITUAINIA! Information provided includes key fields of information such as company name, location, contact information, contact name, industry descriptions, SIC codes, line of business, manufacturing indicator, number of employees, year established, legal status, subsidiary indicator. List Price: $119.00. (2005).

Lithuania - ISA Country Report
by ISAInternational Strategic Analysis
Description: This report contains detailed forecasts and analysis for Lithuania, including trade and investment analysis, economic forecasts, political risk assessments and demographic trend analysis. Each ISA Country Report contains detailed economic data and forecasts, analysis of trade and investment opportunities and coverage of the key political issues facing the country. Moreover, each ISA Country Report is easy to integrate into reports, presentations and newsletters. List Price: $56.00. (May 2005).

D&D Country RiskLine Report: Lithuania
by D&B (Author)
Description: This D&B Country RiskLine Report will help you analyze the risks, opportunities and likely payment delays when doing business in Lithuania. It includes selected country risk information and provides a succinct risk indicator that assesses the risk of doing business in Lithuania, given its current economic, political and commercial situation. The report also includes two-year forecasts, which enable you to manage your ongoing business risk. List Price: $78.00. (May 2005). [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

Doing Business And Investing in Lithuania
(World Business, Investment and Government Library)
by International Business Publications USA
List Price: $99.95. (March 2005).

Us Assistance to Lithuania Handbook
(World Business, Investment and Government Library)
by International Business Publications USA
List Price: $99.95. (March 2005).

Lithuania Customs, Trade Regulations And Procedures Handbook(World Business, Investment and Government Library)
by International Business Publications USA
List Price: $99.95. (May 2005).

The 2005 Lithuania Economic and Product Market Databook
By ICON Group International
Description: This study covers the outlook products in Lithuania. For the year reported, estimates are given for the latent demand, or potential industry earnings (P.I.E.), for the Lithuania (in millions of U.S. dollars). Comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge Lithuania vis-a-vis regional and global totals. List Price: $95.00. (Feb. 2005) [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

D&B Country Report: Lithuania
by D&B (Author)
Description: Comprehensive information for evaluating risks and opportunities when trading or investing in Lithuania. Providing critical information and analysis on the trade environment, D&B Country Reports offer in-depth analysis for evaluating risks and opportunities when trading overseas. List Price: $630.00. (Sep. 2004). [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

D&B Export Guide: Lithuania
by D&B (Author)
Description: D&B Export Guides are your guide to global market and export information on more than 185 countries. For many years these guides have been the ticket to successful foreign trade. List Price: $65.00 (June 2004). [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

Market Out of Place?: Remaking Economic, Social and Symbolic Boundaries in Post-Communist Lithuania
(Oxford Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology)
List Price: $85.00 (March 2004).

Lithuania Country Study Guide
List Price: $99.95 (Jan. 2004).

Labor Costs Fact Sheet Lithuania
by CE Research (Author)
Description:Country Labour Costs Fact Sheets contain key data on labour costs and its components in selected country Updated regularly to make sure information provided is up to date. List Price: $75.00 (Jan. 2004). [DOWNLOAD: PDF]


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