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Acquisition Strategies in European Emerging Markets
By Klaus Meyer, Saul Estrin
Based on case studies and enterprise surveys conducted in Hungary, Poland and Lithuania, this book investigates the acquisition strategies pursued by foreign investors in emerging European markets. It develops recommendations for both investors and policy-makers.

List Price:
$95.00. (Jan. 2007).

The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth: An Analysis for the Transition Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
By Marco Neuhaus
Description: This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between FDI and economic growth with special attention to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Within a new semi-endogenous growth model, the book illustrates the impact of FDI on economic growth for every stage of development of a country.

List Price:
$64.95. (Sep. 2006).

Economic Transition in Central and Eastern European Countries
By Sima Motamen-Samadian
This book is a collection of seven studies that examine the path of transition of central and south eastern European countries, their scope for future development, and the implications of EU enlargement for the acceding countries and the remaining eastern European countries yet to join. It also discusses the role of government in the banking system of Uzbekistan and reports on the reaction of the eastern European stock markets to news of financial crisis in emerging markets.

List Price:
$80.00. (Sep. 2006).

Adventurous Moneymaking: From Central Europe to Wall Street
By Thomas Fellegi
Adventurous moneymaking is about the adventures of the author on different financial markets, starting in street currency markets during the transition from communism to a market economy in Central and Eastern Europe, continuing on the fledgling equities markets of these new capitalist countries, and then on the more mature stock markets in the US and Western Europe.

List Price:
$9,72.00. (Jul. 2006).

Europe As Empire: The Nature of the Enlarged European Union
By Jan Zielonka
"It is often asserted that the last round of EU enlargement is not fundamentally different from the previous ones..."

List Price:
$74.00. (Jun. 2006).

The EU, NATO and the Integration of Europe: Rules and Rhetoric (Themes in European Governance)
By Frank Schimmelfennig
Rationalist approaches to the study of international relations and international institutions share the premises of individualism, state-centrism, materialism, egoism and instrumentalism:...

List Price:
$32.99. (Jun. 2006).

From Marx and Mao to the Market: The Economics and Politics of Agricultural Transition
By Johan Swinnen, Scott Rozelle
Studying agrarian transition in more than 25 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and East Asia, this book is the first effort to analyze the economics and politics of the reforms in agriculture by comparing the reform processes, their causes and their effects across this vast region.
List Price: $90.00. (March 2006).

Technology Transfer via Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe: Theory
by Johannes Stephan
Foreign subsidiaries of multinational companies are suggested as one of the main channels of technology transfer to less developed economies. In Central East Europe their presence proved to be a decisive factor to economic restructuring and development.

List Price:
$90.00. (Feb. 2006).

Work With Anyone Anywhere: A Guide to Global Business
by Michael B. Goodman
Description: Business is now conducted on a global scale. Learning how to communicate and interact across national and cultural boundaries is a key to success. This book discusses the issues affecting international business and how business functions are adapted for specific regions and cultures to facilitate effective working relationship

List Price:
$36.54. (March 2006).

Economic Liberalization and Integration Policy: Options for Eastern Europe and Russia
by Harry Broadman (Editor), Tiiu Paas (Editor), Paul J.J. Welfens (Editor)
After the 1998 Russian economic crisis, there are new opportunities for sustained growth in many countries of the former Soviet Union. Against this backdrop, the authors of this book analyze the dynamics of macroeconomic and structural developments in Eastern Europe and Russia, with special attention paid to problems of international and national integration, "Dutch disease" and natural resource dependency, and distortions in institutional reforms.
List Price: $119.00. (Dec. 2005).

Enhancing Job Opportunities: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
by Jan Rutkowski, Stefano Scarpetta
Description: Enhancing Job Opportunities: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union addresses why labor market outcomes have been disappointing during the transition and suggests policy interventions that can foster job creation and reduce unemployment. In many countries in the Region, productive job opportunities are scarce, despite the resurgence of economic growth.

List Price:
$17.64. (Nov. 2005).


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