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WEEK 6/2009

Monday, 2nd of February, 2009

Technology companies hire bravely
Estonian IT-companies are planning to hire new employees. Skype is planning to hire dozens of new employees this year, said Skype's development manager Ott Kaukver. Head manager of Elion Valdur Laid said that Elion has few vacant positions. In the opinion of Laid currently there are more people at the labour market which makes finding suitable employee easier. Previously Elion has made cooperation with several educational establishments to relieve the problem of finding suitable employees.

Egmont Estonia's turnover grew
AS Egmont Estonia's turnover in 2008 was EEK 23.5 million; in 2007 turnover reached EEK 20.3 million.

Tuesday, 3rd of February, 2009

Number - EEK 0.5 million
Eesti Post earned EEK 0.5 million profit last year. This is the first time over two years when company made it to profit.

Wednesday, 4th of February, 2009

Number of Parex's customers grew in January
In January number of deposits in Parex banka Estonian office grew strongly.

Friday, 6th of February, 2009

Elion: best business profit ever
The business profit of Elion group companies grew 5% last year, to EEK 928 million. That is Elion's best result ever. The turnover of Elion group grew 10%, to EEK 3.3 billion.

Tallinn Airport's number of passengers grew
In 2008 Tallinn Airport serviced 1,811,536 passengers, which is 4.8% more than in 2007. The most popular vacation travelling destination was Egypt; the most regular flights were made to Helsinki, London and Copenhagen.

Last year's financial results of Estonian biggest companies
In 2008 Eesti Telekom AS earned EEK 1.5 billion profit. Sales income of Eesti Telekom AS was EEK 6.19 billion. Mobile communication services provided by Eesti Telekom's daughter company EMT brought profit in the sum of EEK 965 million. This is EEK 30 million more than in 2007. Sales profit of telephone and internet connections by Elion grew 9.9%, to EEK 3.28 billion.

Tallink's number of passengers grew 34%
AS Tallink Group serviced 579,141 passengers in January, which is 34% growth compared to respective period last year. On Latvia-Sweden line company serviced 29,195 passengers in January (+70%), on Estonia-Sweden line 75,461 passengers (+65%) and on Finland-Sweden line 229,167 passengers (+31%).

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