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WEEK 39.2006

Saturday, 30th of September 2006

External debt - LVL 10.583 billion
In the end of June 2006, Latvia’s external debt reached EUR 15.11 billion,
which is by 22% more than in the end of the first quarter of 2006. The
governmental debt was EUR 13.59 billion. The short-term debt constituted EUR
428 thousand, while long-temp debt EUR 913.42 million. In the second quarter
of 2006 the direct investments grew to EUR 1.259 billion.

Thursday, 28th of September 2006

Will increase untaxed minimum
In 2007, the untaxed minimum in Latvia could increase by EUR 25, growing
from EUR 45.7 to EUR 71.4, according to the decision of the Latvian
government. If the untaxed minimum and minimal salaries increase next year,
the budget of the local municipalities could decrease by EUR 208 million in
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Monday, 25th of September 2006

Dalia Gribauskaite: ‘If they give - take!’
The EU Commissioner on Finances, Dalia Gribauskaite, invited the new EU
member-states to acquire the EU finances quickly. Otherwise they can be
deprived of unused money from the budget of 2007. In 2005 Latvia received
from the EU EUR 0.38 billion. Despite the warnings of the European
Commission, Latvia has many difficulties in acquiring finances in time. For
example, from the all money provided from the Cohesion Fund, Latvia used
92.3%; from the Agriculture Guarantees and Development Fund 95% etc.

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