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WEEK 15.2006

Thursday, the 13th of March, 2006

99 thousand unemployed
The data of the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau shows that there were 99,100 unemployed people in 2005. It is 8.7 per cent of all the economically active inhabitants of Latvia. In comparison with 2004, both the number of the unemployed and the percentage of them among the economically active people of Latvia have dropped.

Wednesday, the 12th of April, 2006

Taxes grow together with economics
In March 2006 the Latvian State Revenue Service collected in taxes approximately EUR 347.14 million which is by 27.1% more compared to the same month of the previous year. In total LVL 1.045 billion were collected in January-March of the current year. It was by 28.1% more compared to the same period of 2004. State Revenue Service believes that such a growth confirms the more effective tax collection and stable economic growth in general.

Tuesday, the 11th of April, 2006

Prices to grow more slowly
In March 2006 year’s inflation reached 6.5%; during the month consumer prices grew by 0.2%. The expenses linked to public services and maintaining flats grew most of all, especially for electricity (an increase by 6.7). Clothes became by 3.6% more expensive, and prices for medical services grew, too. Experts believe that the prices in Latvia stabilized, but the government failed to accomplish Maastricht criteria for introducing euro in time anyway.

Monday, the 10th of April, 2006

Americans’ landing will happen in May
On May 22-23, Latvian-American business forum will take place in Riga. More than 200 businessmen plan to arrive from the USA to visit this event, for example, the representatives of General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Boeing etc. The Latvian President, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, and other high officials will open the forum. The USA Ambassador to Latvia, Catherine Todd Bailey, said that there is great interest towards the Baltic countries in the USA. Latvia is very attractive to American companies due to its membership in NATO and quickly developing economy.
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