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WEEK 12.2006

Friday, the 24th of March, 2006

12,000 vacancies
The data of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia shows that there was an average of 12,260 vacancies in Latvia in 2005. It is 1.3 per cent of all the workplaces. The largest percentage of the vacancies was in the governmental and defence branches (4.4 per cent or 3500 vacancies), health and social care (2.3 per cent or 1300 vacancies), transportation, storage and communications (2.1 per cent or 1700 vacancies). The public sector had a larger percentage of vacancies (2.4 per cent or 7,700 vacancies) than the private sector (0.8 per cent or 4,600 vacancies).

Thursday, the 23rd of March, 2006

Gas is worth its weight in gold
Starting from May 1, gas prices in Latvia will grow again, this time by 16.9-27.3%. The Social Services Regulation Committee made this decision because the purchase price of gas increased by 30-40%. If the gas supply company Latvijas Gaze does not increase the prices, it could have losses, some EUR 7.14-8.57 million. Last year the company’s profit was EUR 20.85 million. After the increase of prices the enterprises which use much gas in their work will have to review their budget and prepare to the growth in expenses.
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Wednesday, the 22nd of March, 2006

Business Environment Improvement Plan approved
The Latvian government approved Business Environment Improvement Plan for 2006, which stipulates the reduction of administrative barriers first of all. The authorities plan to reduce businessmen’s contacts with the State Revenue Service in six times by using the electronic system of declarations. The state duty for the administrative expenses will be decreased, too. Fixed terms will be introduced for paying the income tax. As for food industry enterprises, the requirements towards them will be softened.
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Tuesday, the 21st of March, 2006

23 million in three hours
On March 20, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency began accepting applications from the businessmen who wish to receive the EU finances for the modernization of their production units. They had to spent four days standing in row at the agency’s doors. Only in three first hours 56 projects for the total sum EUR 33.57 million were submitted. The available sum which could be allocated to businessmen in the framework of this program, is exactly EUR 33.57 million, too. The total number of submitted projects reached 169. The Latvian Minister of Economy, Krisjanis Karins, said that he did not expect such a situation. He added that in future the order of accepting the project should be changed to avoid similar situations.

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