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WEEK 8.2006

Thursday, the 23rd of February, 2006

Food products export increases significantly
In 2005 export of food products produced by Latvian companies significantly increased. According to the director of the Marketing Council, Inguna Gulbe, the growth is connected with new profitable markets: since recent times many enterprises had been investing finances into acquiring the new markets. The approximate volume of Latvian food products export last year is EUR 428.57 million.

Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2006

Only rich people will open their pockets
All the Latvians whose annual income exceeds EUR 14.28 thousand per year will have to submit their incomes declarations for 2007 by April 1, 2008. Earlier it was suggested to make the declarations obligatory for every inhabitant. This suggestion was rejected as checking 2 million declarations every year would require too much financial expenses from the state.
Biznes & Baltija

Tuesday, the 21st of February, 2006

Surplus for EUR 104.95 million in combined budget
In January 2006, in the Latvian combined budget the surplus for EUR 104.95 million remained. The combined budget includes the state budget and special budget. Its incomes constituted EUR 428.6 million, but expenses constituted EUR 336.66 million.
Dienas Bizness

Monday, the 20th of February, 2006
To Moscow with one’s own liquors and snacks
Many Latvian food production companies took part in the international exhibition Prodexpo-2006 in Moscow. Their goods received many golden medals for quality. The director of the Marketing Council, Inguna Gulbe, noted that Latvian businessmen seriously decided to enter the Russian market as they have what to offer there. She added that it is not worth to go to the Russian market with cheap goods. The Latvian Ministry of Agriculture covered 50% of the expenses of Latvian participants. In total more than 2,000 enterprises from different countries took part in this event.

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