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WEEK 6.2006

Friday, the 10th of February, 2006

Big business without employees
According to the research conducted by the Latvian State Employment Service, the largest Latvian employers need not less than 8,000 people. There is personnel deficit in 195 professions. During the research the Employment Service interrogated 39 branch organizations and 164 large companies. 16 companies have 50-250 vacancies now, and 60 companies have 10-50 vacancies.
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Thursday, the 9th of February, 2006

Inflation grows and can excess forecast
In January 2006 the inflation level in Latvia again grew after the small decline in December 2005. Even though the inflation growth was expected, the Bank of Latvia points out that this index will remain unacceptably high. This tendency will remain. The average inflation forecasted by the Bank of Latvia could reach 5.5-6%. According to the Central Statistical Bureau, in January consumer prices grew by 7.5%; adjustable prices increased by 9.3%; unprocessed food became by 10.4% more expensive.

Wednesday, the 8th of February, 2006

Investors leave for North
The magazine Forbes made a list of countries most attractive for the investors. Latvia is on 22nd place in it, while Estonia is on 7th. Lithuania was placed on 29th position. The list was made on the basis of analyzes of indexes like GDP growth, trade balance, poverty level, IT development level etc. Latvia occupies quite a high place there because the level of prices and salaries is quite low which is a favourable factor for investors. On the other hand, as for competitiveness, corruption and protection of investors, the situation in Latvia is rather negative.

Tuesday, the 7th of February, 2006

Office phones could become speechless
The Latvian Ministry of Transport warned businessmen that until April 30, 2006, they have to re-programme their office phones. Otherwise they would not be able to call to new phone numbers with eight signs. In May 2006 mobile operators plan to begin issuing new numbers. It is also possible that some companies will have to change their telephone exchanges if they are too old and impossible to modernize.
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Monday, the 6th of February, 2006
Investors do not think they are pariahs
The Council of Foreign Investors in Latvia met with the Minister of Economy Krisjanis Karins and expressed their concern about the climate for foreign investments in Latvia. The main problems are within the sphere of the Latvian legislation, which is often too complicated, contradictive, and does not encourage investors. The investors named Czech Republic and Slovenia as positive examples, pointing out that both countries have simple, reasonable requests and have managed to attract more investors than Latvia. Investors also pointed out that avoiding Latvia and choosing Estonia or Lithuania is already becoming a trend.
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