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WEEK 34.2005

Thursday, the 25th of August, 2005

Will receive 0.53 santims per hour
Despite the plans of the Latvian government to increase the salaries, labour force will receive very low wages: the minimal tariff in Latvia will be EUR 0.75 per hour. At the same time the workers in France, Great Britain or Ireland receive EUR 6.6-7.14 per hour. Latvian Free Trade Unions Association is going to organize strikes protesting against the low salaries. As of now, it is stipulated that the minimal wages will increase from EUR 114 to EUR 128 in 2006.
Dienas Bizness

Wednesday, the 24th of August, 2005

Kazakhs want cooperation with Latvia
A delegation of businessmen from Kazakhstan visited Daugavpils and some other places in Latgale. They put much attention to rape processing industry and attended Eglaine rape oil factory, rape processing company Mamas D, as well as farmers cooperative Latgales Rapsis. On August 26, Latvian-Kazakh grain terminal will open in Ventspils. Businessmen also visited some governmental institutions in Riga; they wish to cooperate more closely with Latvia.
Dienas Bizness

Tuesday, the 23rd of August, 2005

Cargos continue to pass round Riga
Despite the various promises of the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate veterinary cargos control procedure and to reduce the costs for passing these cargos, it has not yet been done. This is why these cargos continue to pass round Riga Port. The businessmen note that serving these cargos in Klaipeda, Lithuania, is by EUR 7-8 per ton cheaper than in Riga. As a result, only Klaipeda is used for veterinary cargos transit in Russia’s and CIS countries direction.
Dienas Bizness

Monday, the 22nd of August, 2005

Industrial production is becoming more expensive little by little
According to the data of Central Statistical Bureau, the prices of industrial production in July 2005 decreased by 0.7% in comparison with June of the current year. However, during the year they grew by 5.8%. This index practically reflects inflation. The prices for industrial production sold in Latvia did not change, but for the exported production reduced by 1.7% in comparison with June 2005.
Delovije Vesti

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